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History of Aviation
        Aviation started in Texas as early as 1860 when Jake Brodbeck began buildingt a flying machine rumored to look like a boat-bird with wings. He made flight demonstrations but their location is now in question, San Antonio's San Pedro Park, Boerne Park or possibly in Fredericksburg. Jake got the machine off the ground in good shape and flew until the main motor was exhausted with his machine crashing into a large liveoak tree. Jake lost his financial backing and his project all but ended. Jake Brodbeck took his flying machine plans to the World's Fair in St. Louis in 1900 where they were stolen.
        In February 1910 Lt Benjamin Foulois arrived at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas. He brought with him a team of eight enlisted men and the Army's only airplane (Army Aeroplane Number One). Foulois taught himself to fly and on March 2, 1910 he made the first airplane flight in San Antonio.
        Postmaster HA Griffin established a postal sub-station adjacent to the National Aeroplane Company facilities in Galveston TX. In early 1912 the National Aeroplane Company of Chicago located in Cicero IL opened a new facility in Galveston TX. It provided flight instruction and schooling in many aspects of the emerging aviation industry. Paul Studensky was their instructor and test pilot and Lester V Bratton was in charge of aeroplane construction and repair. Aviator, Studensky in a Curtiss type biplane flew from the National facility in Galveston about 15 miles to Virginia Point LaMarque TX where he made a landing. He delivered a pouch of mail to the waiting postmaster who presented him with a receipt for the pouched mail. Studensky took off and returned to Galveston. This aviation meet was sponsored by the Galveston Chamber of Commerce.
        Following the publicity of the Studensky flight of March 17th, aviator Fred DeKor (aka Fred Korstad) planned a flight from Houston to Galveston TX. Bad weather forced DeKor to reschedule and finally to terminate his flight attempt. Mail that was intended to be carried on this demonstration flight was finally sent via surface transport on April 10, 1912.
        Aviator Charles de Remer had received authorization fron the Post Office Department to carry mail on an experimental over-water flight from Corpus Christi TX to Port Aransas TX. The Commercail Club of Corpus Christi sponsored the flight. On March 29, 1913 on his second take-off attempt de Remer was airborn. Unfortunately, after three miles of flight he experienced a propeller malfunction forcing an emergency water landing. The mail that he carried aloft was taken to the post office for processing.
        Authorization from the Washington DC Post Office was received authorizing mail to be flown between Sequin and San Antonio TX. During the Firemen's Celebration aviatrix Marjorie Stinson attempted to fly from Sequin to San Antonio. High winds caused the flight to be postponed until the next day (May 20, 1915) when she carried a letter from the Mayor of Sequin and delivered it to the Mayor of San Antonio, Clinton G Brown.

More TX Aviation History


Abernathy Municipal Airport
C-168 300531 Abilene Municipal Airport $3.00
P-040 430604 Abilene Army Air Base $12.00
AA-020 540425 Abilene Municipal Airport $26.25
AC-010 560414 Abilene Abilene AFB $4.50
AC-112 561208 Abilene Dyess AFB $4.50
AG-020 600522 Abilene Butterfield Trail Airport $9.00
Abilene Abilene Regional Airport
AD-111 571018 Addison Municipal Airport $26.25
C-602 301209 Albany Plane Haven Airport $26.25
Albany Municipal Airport
C-290 300704 Alice Alice Airport $6.00
Allen Kittyhawk Airport
Alpine Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport
Alpine Terlingua Ranch Airport
Alvin Alvin Airpark
B-317 290907 Amarillo Amarillo Airport $3.00
AZ-005 770601 Amarillo Amarillo International Airport
Rick Husband Field
Amarillo Tradewind Airport
Amarillo Buffalo Airport
Amarillo Palo Duro Airport
Anahuac Chambers County Airport
Andrews Andrew County Airport
Angleton Flying Tiger Airport
Angleton Bailes Airport
Angleton Brazoria County Airport
AR-136 691010 Aransas Pass Aransas Passe Airstrip $53.00
AT-042 710822 Aransas Pass Aransas Passe Airstrip $38.00
Archer City Municipal Airport
Arlington Municipal Airport
F-018 330222 Asherton Municipal Airport $12.00
Aspermont Stonewall County Airport
Athens Municipal Airport
AV-037 730908 Atlanta Hall-Miller Municipal Airport $7.50
C-530 301014 Austin Robert Mueller Municipal Airport $3.00
S-033 460505 Austin Saint Edwards University Airport $30.00
Austin Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
Austin Lakeway Airpark
Austin Bird's Nest Airport
O-038 420726 Ballinger Bruce Field $6.00
C-600 301206 Bandera Bandera Airport $23.00
S-284 461026 Bandera Bandera Airpark $30.00
H-173 351001 Barlett Ware Airport $3.00
AS-037 700523 Bay City Bay City Airport $15.00
Bay City Fehmel Dusting Service Airport
Baytown Baytown Airport
Baytown RWJ Airpark
Beasley Ward Airpark
E-146 321015 Beaumont Municipal Airport $3.00
Beaumont Southeast Texas Regional Airport
P-036 430601 Beeville US Naval Air Station
Chase Field
AA-060 540701 Beeville US Naval Air Station
Chase Field
Beeville Municipal Airport
Bellville Grawunder Airport
Berclair Goliad County Industrial Airpark
Big Lake Reagan County Airport
B-330 290911 Big Spring Municipal Airport $3.00
B-331 290912 Big Spring Municipal Airport $3.00
Y-035 520518 Big Spring Webb AFB $26.25
AF-078 591006 Big Spring Howard County Airport $7.50
Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport
AU-006 720311 Bishop Municipal Airport $12.00
B-478 291111 Bonham Bonham Airport
Jones Field
W-250 501018 Borger Hutchinson County Airport $26.25
AM-104 651003 Bowie Municipal Airport $7.50
W-120 500621 Brackettville Fort Clark Ranch Airport $9.00
W-121 500622 Brackettville Fort Clark Ranch Airport $9.00
W-122 500623 Brackettville Fort Clark Ranch Airport $9.00
W-123 500624 Brackettville Fort Clark Ranch Airport $9.00
W-124 500625 Brackettville Fort Clark Ranch Airport $9.00
AA-025 540502 Brady Curtiss Airport 82N78
Breckenridge Stephens County Airport
T-250 470814 Brenham Municipal Airport $9.00
AN-050 660618 Brenham Municipal Airport $53.00
Bridgeport Municipal Airport
Brownfield Terry County Airport
B-036 290309 Brownsville Brownsville International Airport 22N8 $6.00
B-037 290310 Brownsville Brownsville International Airport F8-1B $7.50
AE-093 581102 Brownsville Municipal Airport $9.00
Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport
Brownwood Brownwood Regional Airport
P-042 430606 Bryan Army Air Field $45.00
X-185 511014 Bryan Municipal Airport $26.25
Bryan Coulter Airport
U-060 480722 Burke Angelina County Airport $12.00
AH-018 610423 Burnet Municipal Airport
Kate Craddock Field
Caddo Mills Municipal Airport
AP-032 680428 Caldwell Municipal Airport $6.00
S-211 460915 Cameron Municipal Airport $26.25
Canadian Hemphill County Airport
Canton Canton-Hackney Airport
Canyon Maples Airport
V-241 491101 Carrizo Springs Municipal Airport 82N36
Carrizo Springs Dimmit County Airport
Carthage Panola County Airport
Sharpe Field
Castroville Municipal Airport
Celina Bishop's Landing Airport
G-045 340520 Center Municipal Airport $12.00
Childress Municipal Airport
China Spring Wildcat Canyon Airport
Cisco Municipal Airport
Clarendon Smiley Johnson Municipal Airport
Bass Field
Clarksville Red River County Airport
JD Trissell Field
A-218 281110 Cleburne American Legion Landing Field $26.25
A-219 281111 Cleburne American Legion Landing Field $26.25
Cleburne Municipal Airport
Cleveland Municipal Airport
AO-010 670401 Clifton Municipal Airport
Isenhower Field
V-155 490816 Coleman Municipal Airport 82W34
N-061 410522 College Station Easterwood Airport $9.00
Collinsville Sudden Stop Airport
Colorado City Colorado City Airport
Columbus Robert R Wells Airport
AS-085 700829 Comanche Comanche City-County Airport $6.00
Commerce Municipal Airport
Conway Eagles Aerodrome
E-064 320601 Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Airport 22S9
N-022 410312 Corpus Christi US Naval Air Station $3.00
P-020 430401 Corpus Christi US Naval Air Station
Waldron Field
AG-055 600806 Corpus Christi Corpus Christi International Airport $3.00
B-069 290427 Corsicana Municipal Airport $3.00
B-070 290428 Corsicana Municipal Airport
C David Campbell Field
V-215 491009 Cotulla Municipal Airport $7.50
Cotulla Cotulla-La Salle County Airport
Crane Crane County Airport
Crockett Houston County Airport
Crosbyton Municipal Airport
V-240 491101 Crystal City Municipal Airport 82N35
N-042 410427 Cuero Municipal Airport $4.50
V-211 491001 Cuero George Robbins Airport $19.00
Daingerfield Greater Morris County Airport
Dalhart Municipal Airport
C-056 300411 Dallas Dalworth Airport $6.00
C-057 300412 Dallas Dalworth Airport $6.00
C-058 300413 Dallas Dalworth Airport $6.00
G-083 340630 Dallas Hensley Airport $9.00
G-084 340701 Dallas Hensley Airport $15.00
Y-045 520606 Dallas Dallas AFB $26.25
AV-040 730922 Dallas Dallas-Fort Worth Airport $3.00
AW-002 740113 Dallas Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport $3.00
Dallas Addison Airport
Dallas Dallas Love Airport
Dallas Dallas Executive Airport
Dallas Air Park-Dallas Airport
Dallas Airpark East Airport
Dallas Dallas CBD Vertiport
C-060 300412 Dalworth Dalworth Airport $9.00
C-061 300413 Dalworth Dalworth Airport $9.00
Decatur Municipal Airport
Decatur Bishop Airport
Decatur Heritage Creek Airstrip
O-002 420127 Del Rio Val Verde County Airport $7.50
P-017 430328 Del Rio Laughlin Flying Field $12.00
Z-037 530516 Del Rio Laughlin AFB $7.50
Del Rio Del Rio International Airport
Dell City Municipal Airport
A-194 281020 Denison Gray Field $7.50
A-195 281021 Denison Gray Field $7.50
Denton Municipal Airport
Denver City Denver City Airport
AS-003 700124 Devine Municipal Airport $9.00
Dilley Dilley Airpark
AP-061 680616 Dimmitt Municipal Airport $15.00
Dryden Terrell County Airport
Dublin Municipal Airport
Dumas Moore County Airport
Eagle Lake Eagle Lake Airport
P-013 430216 Eagle Pass Army Air Base $7.50
AF-036 590705 Eagle Pass Municipal Airport $30.00
Eagle Pass Maverick County Memorial International Airport
Eastland Municipal Airport
Edinburg South Texas International Airport
AU-075 721029 Edna Jackson County Airport $12.00
Eldorado Eldorado Airport
O-078 421115 El Paso Biggs Field US Army Air Base $9.00
El Paso El Paso International Airport
El Paso Horizon Airport
Ennis Municipal Airport
Z-027 530426 Euless Fort Worth International Airport $38.00
Fabens Fabens Airport
Falfurrias Brooks County Airport
Ferris Ferris Red Oak Municipal Heliport
AO-088 670904 Floydada Municipal Airport $12.00
Follett Follett-Lipscomb County Airport
Fort Hood Robert Gray Army Airfield
K-022 380519 Fort McKavett CB Ranch Airport $9.00
Fort Stockton Fort Stockton-Pecos County Airport
C-063 300412 Fort Worth Curtiss Wright-Dalworth Airport $3.00
C-064 300413 Fort Worth Curtiss Wright-Dalworth Airport $3.00
Z-024 530424 Fort Worth Fort Worth International Airport $6.00
Z-025 530425 Fort Worth Fort Worth International Airport $6.00
Z-026 530426 Fort Worth Fort Worth Meacham International Airport $4.50
AG-065 600819 Fort Worth Municipal Heliport $9.00
AJ-009 620324 Fort Worth Glenview Hospital Heliport $45.00
Fort Worth Fort Worth Alliance Airport
Fort Worth Fort Worth Spinks Airport
Fort Worth Hicks Airfield
Fort Worth Kenneth Copeland Airport
Fort Worth Bourland Airport
Fort Worth Sycanore Strip Airport
Fredericksburg Gillespie County Airport
Freer Duval-Freer Airport
Friona Benger Air Park
Fulshear Covey Trails Airport
D-080 310527 Gainesville Municipal Airport $4.50
E-046 320514 Galveston Municipal Airport $3.00
Galveston Scholes International Airport
Garland Garland-Dallas-Fort Worth Heloplex
Gatesville Municipal Airport
R-095 451111 Georgetown Municipal Airport $6.00
George West Live Oak County Airport
Giddings Giddings-Lee County Airport
AR-145 691023 Gilmer Gilmer-Upshur County Airport
Fox Stephens Field
T-200 470714 Gladewater Gregg Airport $9.00
T-201 470715 Gladewater Gregg Airport $9.00
Gladewater Municipal Airport
AA-030 540511 Gonzales Municipal Airport $12.00
AJ-077 621021 Gonzales Municipal Airport
Roger M Dreyer Field
Gordonville Cedar Mills Airport
Graford Possum Kingdom Airport
B-219 290714 Graham Municipal Airport $12.00
Graham Rosser Ranch Airport
Granbury Granbury Regional Airport
C-065 300411 Grand Prairie Curtiss Wright-Dalworth Airport $9.00
C-066 300412 Grand Prairie Curtiss Wright-Dalworth Airport $7.50
C-067 300413 Grand Prairie Curtiss Wright-Dalworth Airport $4.50
Grand Prairie Municipal Airport
P-003 430105 Greenville Majors Army Air Field $9.00
Greenville Majors Airport
T-202 470714 Greggton Gregg Airport $9.00
T-203 470715 Greggton Gregg Airport $9.00
Groveton Groveton-Trinity County Airport
Gruver Municipal Airport
Gruver Cluck Ranch Airport
AO-068 670723 Hallettsville Municipal Airport $6.00
Hallettsville Lesikar Ranch Airport
Hamilton Municipal Airport
Hamlin Municipal Airport
S-195 460907 Harlingen All Valley Airport $3.00
S-196 460908 Harlingen All Valley Airport $3.00
AG-015 600430 Harlingen Harvey Richards Field $7.50
Harlingen Valley International Airport
AF-051 590907 Haskell Municipal Airport $9.00
Hearne Municipal Airport
Hebbronville Jim Hogg County Airport
F-093 330704 Henderson Municipal Airport $3.00
Henderson Rusk County Airport
AF-045 590801 Hereford Municipal Airport $7.50
Hico Little C Ranch Heliport
Higgins Higgins-Lipscomb County Airport
Hillsboro Municipal Airport
X-079 510709 Hondo Hondo AFB $26.25
Hondo Municipal Airport
A-015 280302 Houston Houston Airport $9.00
D-248 311031 Houston Municipal Airport $15.00
AR-050 690601 Houston Houston International Airport $9.00
Houston William P Hobby Airport
Houston David Wayne hooks Memorial Airport
Houston George Bush International Airport
Houston Sugar Land Regional Airport
N-107 410712 Houston Ellington Airport
Houston Lone Star Executive Airport
Houston West Houston Airport
Houston Pearland Regional Airport
Houston Weiser Air Park
Houston Houston Southwest Airport
Houston Houston Executive Airport
Houston Dan Jones International Airport
Houston Westheimer Air Park
Houston Happy Landings Airport
Houston Flyin B Airport
AR-051 690601 Humble Houston International Airport $12.00
N-115 410622 Huntsville Sam Houston Airport $12.00
Huntsville Municipal Airport
Y-046 520606 Hurst Dallas AFB $26.25
Ingleside TP McCampbell Airport
Iraan Municipal Airport
C-132 300517 Ireland Ireland Airport $30.00
AS-095 700919 Jacksboro Municipal Airport $6.00
Jacksonville Cherokee County Airport
W-172 500730 Jasper Jasper County Airport
Bell Field
Jayton Kent County Airport
U-140 481205 Jefferson Cypress River Airport $4.50
Jefferson Manning Airport
V-035 490514 Junction Kimble County Airport $19.00
Justin Propwash Airport
Justin Clark Airport
Katy Sack-O-Grande Acroport Airport
Kaufman Hall Airport
AS-023 700501 Kenedy Karnes County Airport $9.00
AA-002 550102 Kerrville Municipal Airport
Louis Schreiner Field
F-158 331022 Kilgore Elders Field $3.00
T-205 470715 Kilgore Gregg Airport $6.00
Killeen Skylark Airport
C-559 301108 Kingsville Kleberg County Airport $3.00
C-560 301109 Kingsville Kleberg County Airport $3.00
X-020 510401 Kingsville Navy Airport $19.00
AL-085 640919 Kingsville Kleberg County Airport $6.00
C-122 300510 Kirbyville Kirbyville Airport
Richter Field
AG-043 600626 Knox City Harrison Airport $9.00
AP-110 680818 Knox City Municipal Airport
Harrison Field
Kountze Hawthorne Airport
Kress Joe Vaughn Spraying Airport
Lago Vista Rusty Allen Airport
La Grange Fayette Regional Air Center Airport
Lake Dallas Lakeview Airport
Lamesa Municipal Airport
AV-029 730713 Lampasas Lampasas City Airport $7.50
Lancaster Lancaster Airport
La Porte Municipal Airport
Y-020 520401 Laredo Laredo AFB $23.00
AR-008 690410 Laredo Laredo International Airport $12.00
League City Bay Electric Supply Heliport
Leakey Real Country Airport
Leander Kittie Hill Airport
AR-027 690504 Levelland Municipal Airport $7.50
AS-063 700712 Liberty Municipal Airport $7.50
Lindsay Freedom Airport
AP-057 680609 Littlefield Municipal Airport $12.00
Livingston Municipal Airport
Llano Municipal Airport
Lockhart Municipal Airport
F-082 330623 Longview Municipal Airport $3.00
T-207 470715 Longview Elders Field 80N4
Longview East Texas Regional Airport
Louise Flying V Ranch Airport
W-006 500122 Lubbock Reese AFB $26.25
Lubbock Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport
Lubbock Town & Country Airpark
U-061 480722 Lufkin Angelina County Airport $26.25
Luling Carter Memorial Airport
Madisonville Municipal Airport
Manvel Wolfe Air Park
Marfa Municipal Airport
Marlin Marlin Airport
D-043 310404 Marshall Municipal Airport $3.00
Z-093 530802 Marshall Harrison County Airport 82E72
Mason Mason County Airport
E-011 320109 McAllen McAllen Airport $4.50
E-012 320110 McAllen McAllen Airport $12.00
M-190 401123 McAllen Miller Municipal Airport $3.00
M-191 401124 McAllen Miller Municipal Airport $4.50
McAllen McAllen Miller International Airport
McCamey Upton County Airport
McKinney Collin County Regional Airport
McKinney Aero County Airport
McLean McLean Gray County Airport
Memphis Municipal Airport
Menard Menard County Airport
Mesquite Mesquite Metro Airport
C-538 301025 Mexia Easterwood Airport $19.00
C-539 301026 Mexia Easterwood Airport $19.00
Mexia Mexia-Limestone County Airport
AS-117 701107 Miami Miami-Roberts County Airport $12.00
L-162 391118 Midland Municipal Airport $4.50
O-003 420131 Midland Sloan Field
Midland Midland International Airport
Midland Midland Airpark
Midland Skywest Airport
Midlothian Mid-Way Regional Airport
Waxahachie Field
Mineola Mineola Airport
Wisener Field
Mineola Wood County Airport
Quitman Field
B-056 290406 Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Airport $9.00
B-057 290407 Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Airport $26.25
C-537 301020 Mineral Wells Easterwood Airport $6.00
AC-053 560713 Mineral Wells Wolters AFB $30.00
AN-102 660930 Mineral Wells Downing Army Heliport $7.50
AP-008 680202 Mineral Wells Dempsey Army Heliport $12.00
H-195 351207 Mission Municipal Airport $4.50
H-196 351208 Mission Municipal Airport $6.00
O-019 420406 Mission Moore Field $6.00
Monahans Roy Hurd Memorial Airport
Morton Cochran County Airport
Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Regional Airport
Mount Selman Tarrant Airport
Mount Vernon Franklin County Airport
Muleshoe Municipal Airport
Munday Municipal Airport
Nacogdoches AL Mangham Regional Airport
Navasota Municipal Airport
New Braunfels Municipal Airport
New Gulf New Gulf Airport
Newton Municipal Airport
C-038 300304 Odessa Odessa Airport $3.00
Odessa Odessa-Schlemeyer Airport
Olney Municipal Airport
Orange Orange County Airport
Ozona Municipal Airport
Paducah Dan E Richards Municipal Airport
Palacios Municipal Airport
B-050 290330 Palestine Howard Gardner Municipal Airport $9.00
B-051 290331 Palestine Howard Gardner Municipal Airport $9.00
F-070 330610 Palestine Howard Gardner Municipal Airport $4.50
F-071 330611 Palestine Howard Gardner Municipal Airport $19.00
Palmer Dallas South Port Airport
Y-109 521014 Pampa Municipal Airport
Perry Lefors Field
Panhandle Panhandle-Carson County Airport
E-108 320730 Paris Paris Airport
Cox Field
E-109 320731 Paris Paris Airport
Cox Field
Pearland Skyway Manor Airport
Pearsall McKinley Airport
Pecos Municipal Airport
Perryton Perryton Ochiltree County Airport
Pineland Municipal Airport
Plains Yoakum County Airport
Plainview Hale County Airport
AT-038 710718 Pleasanton Municipal Airport $45.00
Port Aransas Mustang Beach Airport
Porter Williams Airport
Port Isabel Port Isabel-Cameron County Airport
Portland Hunt Airport
Port Lavaca Calhoun County Airport
Port Mansfield Charles R Johnson Airport
Post Post-Garza County Municipal Airport
Presidio Presidio Lely International Airport
Quanah Municipal Airport
Quinlan Taylor Airport
A-223 281110 Ranger Ranger Airport $9.00
A-224 281111 Ranger Ranger Airport $9.00
Ranger Municipal Airport
Rankin Rankin Airport
C-554 301107 Raymondville Raymondville Airport $4.50
AJ-027 620610 Raymondville Port Mansfield Airport $15.00
Refugio Rooke Airport
Rhome Rhome Meadows Airport
Rio Grande City Municipal Airport
Roanoke Northwest Regional Airport
Robert Lee Robert Lee Airport
Robstown Nueces County Airport
Rockdale HH Coffield Regional Airport
Rockport Aransas County Airport
K-062 380622 Rock Springs Rock Springs Airport $53.00
AS-121 701114 Rock Springs Edwards County Airport $7.50
Rockwall Municipal Airport
Rockwall Phillips Flying Ranch Airport
Rosenberg Lane Airpark
AV-068 760916 Rotan Fisher County Airport
Roby Field
Royse City Rives Air Park
B-012 281224 San Angelo Cromwell Airport $7.50
B-013 281225 San Angelo Cromwell Airport $6.00
San Angelo San Angelo Regional Airport
Mathis Field
C-223 300620 San Antonio Randolph Field $3.00
C-224 300621 San Antonio Randolph Field $3.00
E-040 320417 San Antonio Diamond Airport $19.00
I-078 360926 San Antonio Stinson Airport
Winburn Field
I-079 360927 San Antonio Stinson Airport
Winburn Field
T-190 470712 San Antonio Lackland Airport $15.00
T-385 471207 San Antonio Stinson Airport $7.50
AC-005 560316 San Antonio Kelly AFB $30.00
AH-029 610615 San Antonio Brooke Army Medical Center Heliport $30.00
AJ-058 620830 San Antonio North Star Heliport $30.00
AN-047 660608 San Antonio Santa Rosa Medical Center Heliport $30.00
AO-014 670407 San Antonio Major Charles L Kelly Heliport $30.00
San Antonio San Antonio International Airport
San Antonio Stinson Municipal Airport
San Antonio Boerne Stage Airport
San Antonio Kestrel Airpark
San Antonio Bulverde Airpark
San Antonio Twin-Oaks Airport
San Antonio San Geronimo Airpark
San Antonio Horizon Airport
San Augustine San Augustine County Airport
C-573 301111 San Benito Municipal Airport $3.00
Sanger Ironhead Airport
Sanger Lane Airport
Sanger Flying C Airport
P-049 430624 San Marcos Army Air Field $9.00
Z-036 530516 San Marcos Gary AFB $30.00
AN-130 661120 San Marcos Municipal Airport $26.25
San Saba San Saba County Municipal Airport
Seagraves Seagraves Airport
M-069 400616 Seguin Seguin Airport $6.00
S-092 460704 Seguin Municipal Airport $38.00
AF-005 590317 Seguin Municipal Airport $30.00
Sequin Huber Airpark
Sequin Glen Beicker Ranch Airport
Seminole Gaines County Airport
Seymour Municipal Airport
Shamrock Municipal Airport
B-081 290504 Sherman Sherman Airport $34.00
B-082 290505 Sherman Sherman Airport $34.00
O-009 420223 Sherman Perrin Field $7.50
AU-066 721008 Sherman Grayson County Airport $19.00
Sherman Municipal Airport
Sinton Alfred C Thomas Airport
Bubba Field
AR-152 691102 Slaton Municipal Airport $9.00
AY-081 761031 Smithville Municipal Airport
Crawford Field
X-210 511211 Snyder Winston Airport $3.00
Sonora Municipal Airport
Spearman Municipal Airport
Spicewood Spicewood Airport
L-127 390920 Stamford Stamford Airport $12.00
N-055 410517 Stamford Stamford-Arledge Airport $7.50
N-056 410518 Stamford Stamford-Arledge Airport $12.00
AR-067 690621 Stamford Arledge Municipal Airport $9.00
Stanton Municipal Airport
Stephenville Municipal Airport
Clark Field
Sterling City Alvie Cole Ranch Airport
Stratford Stratford Airport
Stratford Pronger Brothers Ranch Airport
Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport
Sunray Sunray Airport
Sunrise Beach Village Sunrise Beach Airport
B-277 290810 Sweetwater Sweetwater Airport
Avenger Field
Tahoka T-Bar Airport
Taylor Municipal Airport
AT-012 710515 Teague Municipal Airport $9.00
Temple Central Texas Regional Airport
Draughon-Miller Field
Terrell Municipal Airport
Throckmorton Municipal Airport
Tulia Tulia-Swisher County Municipal Airport
C-273 300628 Tyler Municipal Airport $3.00
C-274 300629 Tyler Municipal Airport $9.00
G-161 340901 Tyler Municipal Airport 33E39
Tyler Tyler Pounds Regional Airport
K-077 380806 Utopia Ocker Field $53.00
Uvalde Garner Airport
Valley Mills Municipal Airport
Van Horn Culberson County Airport
AT-040 710814 Vega Vega Airport $4.50
Vega Oldham County Airport
B-188 290704 Vernon Municipal Airport $3.00
Vernon Wilbarger County Airport
O-008 420222 Victoria Victoria Regional Airport
Foster Field
W-010 500201 Waco Connally AFB $30.00
Waco Waco Regional Airport
Waco TSTC Waco Airport
Waco McGregor Executive Airport
Waco Wings For Christ Airport
International Flight Academy Field
Waller Skydive Houston Airport
Weatherford Parker County Airport
Weatherford Horseshoe Bend Airport
AR-060 690610 Webster Webster Metro Stolport $4.50
Wellington Marian Airpark
Weslaco Mid Valley Airport
AR-052 690601 Westfield Houston International Airport $15.00
D-195 310905 Wharton Wharton Airport $3.00
D-196 310906 Wharton Wharton Airport $3.00
AJ-014 620506 Wharton Municipal Airport $4.50
AT-007 710502 Wharton Wharton Regional Airport $9.00
Wharton Lackey Aviation Airport
Wheeler Municipal Airport
Whitesboro Flying H Ranch Airport
Whitney Lake Whitney State Park Airport
L-039 390604 Wichita Falls Municipal Glider Port $6.00
M-062 400609 Wichita Falls Staley Field $9.00
N-181 411017 Wichita Falls Sheppard Field $4.50
Wichita Falls Sheppard AFB
Municipal Airport
Wichita Falls Kickapoo Downtown Airport
Wichita Falls Wichita Valley Airport
Wills Point Municipal Airport
T-055 470420 Wimberly Fliteacres Airport $30.00
Wink Winkler County Airport
Winnie Chambers County Airport
Winnie Stowell Field
AU-013 720507 Winnsboro Municipal Airport $9.00
Winters Municipal Airport
Woodville Tyler County Airport
AS-014 700412 Yoakum Municipal Airport $4.50
Zapata Zapata County Airport

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