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History of Aviation
        January 9, 1793 marked the beginning of aviation history in America when Francois Jean Pierre Blanchard launched his hot air balloon from the exercise yard of the Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia.
        Postmaster George Fox of Altoona PA established a postal sub-station at the Driving Park (aka Altoona Speedway). Aviator Walter Brookins had planned to fly on May 18, 1912 from the speedway to the main Post Office in Altoona but the unruly crowd, blocking the take-off path caused cancellation of the flight.
        Postmaster Peck of Lock Haven PA established a postal sub-station at the Race Track Lock Haven PA. On October 12, 1912 aviator Walter E Johnson flew a Thomas biplane from the race track about three miles to Agar's Park in Mill Hall PA where the mail pouch was dropped from the plane. The mail was then retrieved and brought to the post office.
        Postmaster John Clinton approved the transport of mail by aeroplane from the Fair Grounds at Natrona Heights PA. Aviator Theodore Stockman planned to fly from the fair grounds about 25 miles to Schenley Park in Pittsburgh PA. On October 4, 1913 Stockman was unable to take off and his aircraft was finally dismantled and brought to Verona PA for repair. Mail scheduled to be carried on this flight was also brought to Verona where it was posted on October 17, 1913.
        Experimental airmail service, conducted jointly by the Army and the Post Office between Washington and New York, began on May 15, 1918 with an intermediate stop in Philadelphia. The first flight left Belmont Park, Long Island, for Philadelphia and the next day continued on to Washington DC where it was met by President Woodrow Wilson.

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C-229 300621 Allentown Allentown Airport $4.50
C-230 300622 Allentown Allentown Airport $4.50
AX-060 751115 Allentown Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport $9.00
Allentown Lehigh Valley International Airport
Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport
X-160 510923 Altoona Peterson Airport $9.00
Altoona Altoona-Blair County Airport
AH-053 610712 Bala-Cynwyd Marriott Hotel Heliport $19.00
Bally Butter Valley Golf Port Airport
C-390 300804 Beaver Falls Beaver Falls Airport $6.00
F-153 331012 Bedford Bedford Airport $9.00
Bellefonte Bellefonte Airport
Bensalem Total RF Heliport
Bethel Grimes Airport
B-409 291005 Bethlehem Municipal Airport $3.00
B-410 291006 Bethlehem Municipal Airport $3.00
AX-061 751115 Bethlehem Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport $7.50
Bloomsburg Municipal Airport
T-285 470907 Boyertown Municipal Airport $9.00
B-202 290706 Bradford Emery Field $9.00
B-203 290707 Bradford Emery Field $9.00
B-204 290708 Bradford Emery Field $12.00
U-100 480908 Bradford Emery Field 17W34
X-125 510811 Bradford McKean County Airport $26.25
X-126 510812 Bradford McKean County Airport $26.25
Bradford Bradford Regional Airport
Brogue Baublitz Commercial Airport
B-387 290927 Butler Pittsburgh-Butler Airport $3.00
B-388 290928 Butler Pittsburgh-Butler Airport $3.00
B-389 290929 Butler Pittsburgh-Butler Airport $9.00
Butler Butler County Airport
KW Scholter Field
Butler Butler Farm Show Airport
Canadensis Flying Dollar Airport
Carlisle Carlisle Airport
AO-045 670624 Central City Indian Lake Airport $15.00
AO-046 670625 Central City Indian Lake Airport $15.00
Centre Hall Penns Cave Airport
Centre Hall Centre Airpark
D-053 310413 Chambersburg Chambersburg Airport
AT-011 710515 Chambersburg Municipal Airport $12.00
Chambersburg Franklin County Regional Airport
AN-100 660927 Chester Boeing Vertol Heliport $26.25
AX-041 750824 Clarion Clarion County Airport $12.00
Clearfield Clearfield-Lawrence Airport
C-387 300802 Coatesville Coatesville Airport $6.00
C-388 300803 Coatesville Coatesville Airport $9.00
AJ-038 620704 Coatesville Chester County Airport
GO Carlson Field
S-200 460908 Collegeville Perkiomen Valley Airpark $7.50
Columbia McGinness Airport
A-231 281112 Connellsville American Legion Airport $4.50
B-318 290907 Connellsville American Legion Airport $3.00
K-098 381001 Connellsville Connellsville Airport $9.00
Connellsville Joseph A Hardy Airport
Y-041 520531 Coraopolis Greater Pittsburgh Airport $26.25
Corry Corry-Lawrence Airport
Cresco Rocky Hill Ultralight Flightpark
K-031 380520 Danville Danville Airport $12.00
S-140 460806 Doylestown Maennerchar Airport $7.50
AM-115 651016 Doylestown Central Bucks County Airport $7.50
B-226 290718 DuBois DuBois Airport $3.00
H-139 350818 DuBois Municipal Airport $12.00
K-080 380821 DuBois Municipal Airport $9.00
AG-024 600530 DuBois DuBois-Jefferson County Airport $12.00
D-121 310627 Easton Municipal Airport $3.00
M-073 400623 Easton Municipal Airport $53.00
AX-062 751115 Easton Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport
Braden Airpark
East Stroudsburg Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport
AM-043 650606 Ebensberg Municipal Airport $12.00
Eigthty Four Bandel Airport
AR-123 690921 Elizabethtown Elizabethtown-Marietta Airport $26.25
Erie Erie International Airport
Tom Ridge Field
Erwinna Vansant Airport
Essington Philadelphia Seaplane Base
AV-010 760615 Exton Strawbridge & Clothier Heliport $9.00
Factoryville Seamans Airport
Fairfield Mid Atlantic Soaring Center Airport
B-173 290629 Fairview Erie county Airport $4.50
Finleyville Finleyville Airpark
B-455 291102 Franklin Franklin Airport $12.00
V-213 491003 Franklin Lamberton Airport 97S57
AJ-054 620825 Franklin Chess Lamberton Airport $3.00
Franklin Venango Regional Airport
Fredericksburg Farmers Pride Airport
Germansville Flying M Aerodrome
B-445 291020 Gettysburg Gettysburg Airport $7.50
Gettysburg Gettysburg Regional Airport
Gettysburg Southern Adams County Heliport
B-372 290920 Greensburg Pittsburgh-Greensburg Airport $3.00
B-373 290921 Greensburg Pittsburgh-Greensburg Airport $3.00
AP-060 680615 Greenville Municipal Airport $15.00
AX-012 750531 Grove City Municiapl Airport $19.00
Hanover Hanover Airport
C-418 300816 Harrisburg Harrisburg Airport $3.00
C-419 300817 Harrisburg Harrisburg Airport $15.00
K-114 381103 Harrisburg Harrisburg Airport $9.00
AP-005 680201 Harrisburg Olmstead State Airport $9.00
Harrisburg Harrisburg International Airport
Harrisburg Capital City Airport
AB-026 550522 Hazelton Municipal Airport $7.50
AS-106 701014 Hershey Medical Center Heliport $26.25
Honesdale Cherry Ridge Airport
Honey Grove Stottle Memorial Heliport
Horsham Horsham Valley Airways Heliport
E-120 320905 Hughesville Hughesville Airport $38.00
AF-060 590918 Indiana Indiana County Airport
Jimmy Stewart Airport
Irwin Irwin County Airport
Jeannette Greensburg Jeannette Regional Airport
Jersey Shore Jersey Shore Airport
C-408 300815 Johnsonburg Johnsonburg-Legion Airport $4.50
C-409 300816 Johnsonburg Johnsonburg-Legion Airport $6.00
C-410 300817 Johnsonburg Johnsonburg-Legion Airport $9.00
U-116 480926 Johnstown Cambria County Airport
John Murtha Field
Kralltown Bermudian Valley Airpark
Kutztown Kutztown Airport
H-133 350817 Lancaster Municipal Airport $3.00
V-055 490618 Lancaster Municipal Airport $15.00
V-056 490619 Lancaster Municipal Airport $15.00
AE-090 581020 Latrobe Latrobe Airport $60.00
Latrobe Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
Lebanon Keller Brothers Airport
A-198 281021 Lehighton Martin Jensen Airport $6.00
AU-022 720618 Lehighton Carbon County Airport $9.00
Lehighton Jake Arner Memorial Airport
Lehighton Beltzville Airport
W-170 500730 Lewisburg Municipal Airport $7.50
Lock Haven William T Piper Memorial Airport
AR-124 690921 Marietta Elizabethtown-Marietta Airport $15.00
Mars Lakehill Airport
K-105 381022 Martinsburg Martinsburg Airport $6.00
C-169 300531 Matamoras Merrill-Ronne Airport $3.00
K-083 380901 Matamoras Merrill-Ronne Airport $38.00
K-084 380902 Matamoras Merrill-Ronne Airport $30.00
K-085 380903 Matamoras Merrill-Ronne Airport $23.00
K-086 380904 Matamoras Merrill-Ronne Airport $38.00
Meadville Port Meadville Airport
AP-006 680201 Middletown Olmstead State Airport $6.00
Mifflintown Mifflintown Airport
C-302 300704 Milford Milford Airport $3.00
C-303 300705 Milford Milford Airport $3.00
C-342 300712 Millersburg Robinson Airport $9.00
C-343 300713 Millersburg Robinson Airport $9.00
C-307 300704 Monessen Monessen Airport $3.00
C-308 300705 Monessen Monessen Airport $3.00
Monongahela Rostraver Airport
Monroeville Pittsburgh-Monroeville Airport
B-230 290720 Montoursville Municipal Airport $45.00
Montrose Husky Haven Airport
Morgantown Morgantown Airport
AL-093 640921 Morton Boeing-Vertol Division Heliport $26.25
D-127 310627 Mount Jewett Kane Airport $9.00
D-128 310628 Mount Jewett Kane Airport $9.00
Mount Joy Donegal Springs Airpark
Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Airport
Scottdale Field
Mount Pleasant WPHS Heliport
AM-079 650815 Mount Pocono Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport $7.50
Myerstown Deck Airport
C-535 301018 New Alexandria New Alexandria Airport $12.00
A-186 281013 New Castle Municipal Airport $12.00
Newry Blue Knob Valley Airport
K-088 380904 Oil City Splane Memorial Airport $4.50
K-089 380905 Oil City Splane Memorial Airport $9.00
V-214 491003 Oil City Splane Memorial Airport 97S56
W-215 500916 Palmerton Sunny Rest Lodge Airport $9.00
Palmyra Reigle Airport
Perkasie Pennridge Airport
K-004 380326 Philadelphia S Davis Wilson Airport $26.25
R-022 450626 Philadelphia Northeast Philadelphia Airport $3.00
AG-110 601130 Philadelphia Municipal Downtown Heliport $15.00
AH-054 610712 Philadelphia Marriott Hotel Heliport $7.50
AN-132 661201 Philadelphia Philadelphia National Bank Heliport $4.50
AP-167 681014 Philadelphia Strawbridge & Clothier Heliport $38.00
AR-035 690522 Philadelphia First Philadelphia Banking & Trust Heliport $12.00
AS-020 700422 Philadelphia Strawbridge & Clothier Heliport $38.00
AT-062 711019 Philadelphia Thomas Jefferson Hospital Heliport $9.00
AU-032 720712 Philadelphia Penn's Landing Seaplane Base $23.00
Philadelphia Wings Airport
Philadelphia Philadelphia International Airport
Philadelphia Penn's Landing Heliport
B-320 290907 Philipsburg Ames Field $3.00
M-141 400914 Philipsburg Black Moshannon Airport $4.50
Philipsburg Mid-State Airport
Philipsburg Albert Airport
B-227 290718 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Airport $6.00
D-205 310911 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh City-County Airport $4.50
Y-040 520531 Pittsburgh Greater Pittsburgh Airport $3.00
AJ-046 620727 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Airways Heliport $4.50
Pittsburgh Allegheny County Airport
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh International Airport
Pittsburgh Rock Airport
Pittsfield Brokenstraw Airport
T-120 470601 Pittston Scranton-Wilkes Barre Airport $26.25
Y-080 520824 Pottstown Municipal Airport $12.00
Pottstown Pottstown Limerick Airport
AF-050 590907 Pottsville Schuylkill County Airport
Joe Zerbey Airport
B-406 291004 Punxsutawney Grube Airport $3.00
Punxsutawney Municipal Airport
AM-114 651016 Quakertown Upper Bucks County Airport $4.50
115 271029 Reading Whander Field $38.00
L-146 391007 Reading Municipal Airport $3.00
L-147 391008 Reading Municipal Airport $26.25
S-245 461012 Reading Municipal Airport $7.50
S-246 461013 Reading Municipal Airport $9.00
Reading Reading Regional Airport
Carl A Spaatz Field
Reedsville Mifflin County Airport
Saint Marys Municipal Airport
C-428 300817 Sayre Sayre Airport $15.00
G-210 341012 Scranton Scranton Airport $6.00
T-118 470601 Scranton Scranton-Wilkes Barre Airport 71N19
A-088 280823 Selinsgrove Zimmerman Airport $4.50
A-089 280824 Selinsgrove Zimmerman Airport $4.50
A-090 280825 Selinsgrove Zimmerman Airport $4.50
Selinsgrove Penn Valley Airport
Seven Springs Borough Seven Springs Airport
B-125 290601 Shamokin Richardson Airport $7.50
Shamokin Northumberland County Airport
Shippensburg Shippensburg Airport
Slatington Statington Airport
Smoketown Smoketown Airport
B-242 290726 Somerset Rhoads Field $3.00
Somerset Somerset County Airport
State College University Park Airport
Sterling Spring Hill Airport
Stewartstown Shoestring Aviation Airfield
C-269 300628 Stroudsburg Pipher Airport $3.00
C-270 300629 Stroudsburg Pipher Airport $3.00
AR-056 690607 Stroudsburg Birchwood Pocono Airport $15.00
A-101 280901 Sunbury Wesley L Smith Municipal Airport $4.50
A-102 280902 Sunbury Wesley L Smith Municipal Airport $4.50
A-103 280903 Sunbury Wesley L Smith Municipal Airport $4.50
Sunbury Sunbury Seaplane Base
C-254 300626 Titusville Titusville Airport $15.00
AL-007 640131 Tobyhanna Betts Army Airfield $26.25
Toughkenamon New Garden Airport
A-076 280818 Towanda Legion Airport $12.00
A-077 280819 Towanda Legion Airport $12.00
Towanda Bradford County Airport
Tower City Bendigo Airport
Tunkhannock Skyhaven Airport
X-161 510923 Tyrone Peterson Airport $9.00
A-085 280823 Uniontown Floyd Bennett Airport $4.50
Unionville Ridge Soaring Glideport
H-135 350817 Vandergrift Vandergrift Airport $9.00
C-451 300901 Warren Warren Airport
Washington Washington County Airport
Wattsburg Erie County Airport
B-068 290402 Waynesboro Lesher Field $3.00
G-130 340728 Waynesboro Municipal Airport $12.00
Waynesburg Greene County Airport
Wellsboro Wellsboro Johnston Airport
Wellsville Kampel Airport
West Chester Brandywine Airport
B-165 290622 Wilkes-Barre Wilkes Barre-Wyoming Valley Airport $4.50
B-166 290623 Wilkes-Barre Wilkes Barre-Wyoming Valley Airport $9.00
T-119 470601 Wilkes-Barre Wilkes Barre-Scranton International Airport 71N20
C-585 301122 Wilkinsburg Wilkinsburg Airport $6.00
C-586 301123 Wilkinsburg Wilkinsburg Airport $6.00
Williamsburg Cove Valley Airport
B-229 290720 Williamsport Municipal Airport $6.00
C-542 301025 York York Airport $4.50
C-543 301026 York York Airport $6.00
Zelienople Municipal Airport

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