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History of Aviation
        W Herman Black was the advertising manager of the Milwaukee Journal. To stimulate the publicity of the emerging aeroplane phenomenon, the Journal sponsored the flight of aviator Farnum Fish from Cicero Field Chicago IL skirting along Lake Michigan to Milwaukee WI. On February 25, 1912 Fish flew 93 miles non-stop in his standard Wright B Flyer carrying a mail pouch with Milwaukee Journal newspapers and correspondence.
        Frank H Hitchcock, the Postmaster General of Chicago established a postal sub-station at Cicero Flying Field. Similarly, the postmasters of Elmhurst and Wheaton authorized the interchange of mail between these three locations.
        The Triple City Aviation Meet (May 30 - June 2, 1912) had the theme "Historical Progress Day." Aviator, George Mestach flew his Morane-Borel monoplane, Paul Studensky flew the Beech-National biplane, Otto W Brodie gave passenger flights in his Farman biplane and Max Lillie gave student aviator, Katherine Stinson lessons in his Lillie-Wright Model B. Marcel Tournier, Andrew Drew, DeLloyd Thompson and Farnum T Fish also flew.
        In 1912 Chicago had several airfields. Two of these, Cicero Flying Field and Grant Park saw a wealth of early aviation activity. Cicero officially opened on July 4, 1911 and was easily accessable by the Chicago Metropolitan Elevated Railway. With the onset of WW-I, Cicero became a mix of commercial, industrial and residential developments. Ashburn Field became a center for military aviation and Cicero faded from memory.
        The Postmaster of Cicero IL established a postal sub-station at the Cicero Flying Field. During this International Aviation Meet (September 12-15, 1912) several aviators flew from Cicero to Grant Park (near Chicago's downtown) carrying mail. This aviation meet was sponsored by the Aero Club of Illinois (ACI).
        At the completion of the International Aviation Meet in Cicero, a follow-on aviation meet was held at Grant Park. Grant Park (originally Lake Park) was located along the shore of Lake Michigan directly across from Chicago's waterfront, Michigan Avenue. It's beginnings date to 1835 and it was to remain public ground forever to remain vacant of buildings. It was expanded with landfill and in 1912 was used as an airfield.
        For the Grant Park aviation meet Chicago Postmaster, GG Thompson approved the aerial transport of mail by aeroplanes. Several aviators carried mail (September 19-22, 1912) on their flights around the airfield. After landing this mail was taken to the Chicago Post Office. This aviation meet was sponsored by the Aero Club of Illinois (ACI).
        The Postmaster of McLeansboro IL established a postal sub-station at the Fair Grounds McLeansboro IL (September 26-28, 1912). Aviator Horace Kearney flew from the fair grounds about one mile to a point close to the McLeansboro post office where the mail pouch was dropped from the plane. The mail was then retrieved and brought to the post office.
        The State Fair that was to be held in Springfield IL was scheduled for October 4th-12, 1912. The Postmaster of Springfield IL established a postal sub-station at the Fair Grounds Springfield IL. Plans called for mail to be flown from the fair grounds to six nearby communities including Williamsville, Sherman, Chatham, Riverton, Pleasant Plains and Cantrall. On October 8th aviator Edward Korn flying a Benoist tractor-type aeroplane departed for Williamville. A mechanical problem forced him to return to the fair grounds but he crash-landed before making it back. The flown mail was then delivered to the post office. Flying a Curtiss-pusher, Horace Kearney made a successful flight to Williamsville on October 10th. Inclement weather and disabled aeroplanes ended additional flights and all accepted mail was delivered to the post office unflown.

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Aledo Mercer County Airport
X-173 510930 Alton Memorial Airport $26.25
Apple River Foster Field
B-451 291020 Arlington Heights Arlington Heights Airport $15.00
Aurora Chicago-Aurora Municipal Airport
AP-125 680901 Beardstown Greater Beardstown Airport $23.00
Belleville Scott AFB
A-217 281110 Belvidere Belvidere Airport $9.00
Benton Municipal Airport
Z-162 531019 Bismarck Vermilion Airport $30.00
G-227 341028 Bloomington Municipal Airport $3.00
Bolingbrook Bolingbrook Clow International Airport
Cahokia Saint Louis Downtown Airport
Cairo Cairo Regional Airport
AS-093 700913 Canton Ingersoll Airport $7.50
A-127 280916 Carbondale Carbondale Airport $9.00
C-488 300914 Carbondale Carbondale Airport $3.00
W-090 500601 Carbondale Murdale Airport $12.00
Y-042 520601 Carbondale Murdale Airport $7.50
Carbondale Southern Illinois Airport
AG-035 600619 Carmi Municipal Airport $6.00
AY-048 760718 Carmi Municipal Airport $7.50
B-126 290601 Cary Cary Airport $18.75
B-126 290601 Cary Cary Airport $18.75
Casey Municipal Airport
Centralia Municipal Airport
R-081 451026 Champaign Champaign Airport $4.50
Champaign University of Illinois Airport
Z-072 530704 Charleston Charleston Airport $9.00
Z-075 530705 Charleston Charleston Airport $9.00
T-154 470622 Chester Municipal Airport $26.25
C-203 300608 Chicago Harlem Airport $37.50
C-258 311115 Chicago Municipal Airport $12.00
N-087 410629 Chicago Municipal Airport $7.50
U-145 481210 Chicago Northerly Air Strip $3.00
W-140 500630 Chicago Merrill C Meigs Field $7.50
AK-010 630323 Chicago O'Hare International Airport $9.00
AL-050 640702 Chicago Heliport $30.00
AO-107 671004 Chicago Robert Dean Heliport $9.00
AP-029 680423 Chicago Martha Washington Hospital Heliport $12.00
Chicago Chicago Midway Airport
Chicago Lansing Municipal Airport
Columbia Sackman Field
Compton Bresson Airport
AE-070 580913 Crystal Lake Municipal Airport $12.00
G-219 341021 Danville Municipal Airport $9.00
Z-161 531018 Danville Vermilion County Airport $3.00
AAA-015 780820 Danville Clarence F Carter Field $4.50
E-113 320825 Decatur Decatur Airport $6.00
M-149 400921 Decatur Seaplane Base $12.00
B-161 290621 De Kalb De Kalb Taylor Municipal Airport $3.00
C-497 300922 Dixon Dixon Airport $6.00
G-228 341028 Dixon Municipal Airport $9.00
N-067 410530 Du Quoin Municipal Airport $3.00
Dwight Dwight Airport
Earlville Earlville Airport
X-172 510930 East Alton Memorial Airport $7.50
AA-091 540926 East Moline EAst Moline Airport $6.00
C-265 300628 East Saint Louis Curtiss-Steinberg Airport $3.00
C-266 300629 East Saint Louis Curtiss-Steinberg Airport $45.00
AN-018 660417 East Saint Louis Bi-State Parks Airport $4.50
D-083 310530 Effingham Government Airport $3.00
S-049 460530 Effingham Effingham County Memorial Airport $15.00
C-206 300610 Elgin Municipal Airport $3.00
N-159 410921 Elgin Kane County Airport $9.00
N-142 410830 Elmhurst Elmhurst Airport $7.50
N-143 410831 Elmhurst Elmhurst Airport $7.50
N-144 410901 Elmhurst Elmhurst Airport $9.00
Erie Erie Air Ultralight Flightpark
Fairfield Municipal Airport
AG-087 600927 Flora Municipal Airport $15.00
AW-011 740525 Fox River Grove Eagles Nest Balloon Port $3.00
Freeport Albertus Airport
Freeport Freeport-Dornink Airport
D-171 310801 Galesburg Galesburg Airport $4.50
D-172 310802 Galesburg Galesburg Airport $4.50
Geneseo Gen-Airpark Airport
B-446 291020 Glenview Curtiss-Reynolds Airport $4.50
J-090 370828 Glenview Curtiss-Reynolds Airport $7.50
AR-006 690315 Glenview US Coast Guard Naval Air Station $38.00
Grayslake Campbell Airport
C-461 300901 Greenville Municipal Airport $6.00
Greenwood Wonder Lake-Galt Airport
G-220 341021 Harrisburg Municipal Airport $7.50
W-191 500820 Harrisburg Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport $7.50
Harvard Dacy Airport
AA-042 540516 Havana Municipal Airport $9.00
AB-012 550201 Herrin Williamson County Airport 107S55
Highland Highland-Winet Airport
Hillsboro Municipal Airport
C-322 300704 Hinckley Hinckley Airport $15.00
E-163 321113 Jacksonville Jacksonville Airport $12.00
AC-020 560506 Jacksonville Municipal Airport $38.00
AO-052 670628 Jacksonville Dunseth Heliport $53.00
C-470 300906 Joliet Municipal Airport $7.50
C-471 300907 Joliet Municipal Airport $7.50
G-229 341028 Joliet Joliet Regional Airport $7.50
AO-030 670531 Joliet Silvercross Hospital Heliport $26.25
Joliet Empress River Casino Heliport $26.25
B-186 290704 Kankakee Kankakee Airport $3.00
AJ-078 621028 Kankakee Greater Kankakee Airport $3.00
C-209 300614 Kewanee Kawanee Airport $4.50
C-210 300615 Kewanee Kawanee Airport $7.50
AB-055 550704 Kewanee Municipal Airport $26.25
AN-092 660904 Kewanee Municipal Airport $12.00
X-055 510603 Lacon Marshall County Airport $26.25
Lake in the Hills Chicago-Lake in the Hills Airport
D-200 310905 Lansing Skeeter Airport $15.00
D-201 310906 Lansing Skeeter Airport $15.00
D-202 310907 Lansing Skeeter Airport $15.00
B-163 290622 La Salle La Salle-Peru Airport $7.50
AL-036 640614 Lawrenceville Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport $12.00
AX-033 750706 Lawrenceville County Hospital Heliport $19.00
Z-073 530704 Lerna Lerna Airport $26.25
W-135 500625 Lincoln Logan County Airport $3.00
Z-100 530806 Litchfield Municipal Airport $6.00
M-131 400902 Lockport Lewis School of Aeronautics Airport $7.50
Lostant Hartenbower Hectares Airport
AR-086 690720 Macomb Municipal Airport $12.00
Manito Manito Mitchell Airport
G-221 341021 Marion Municipal Airport $6.00
AB-011 550201 Marion Williamson County REgional Airport 107S54
C-340 300712 Mattoon Mattoon Airport $9.00
C-341 300713 Mattoon Mattoon Airport $12.00
N-184 411019 Mattoon Mattoon Airport $9.00
Z-071 530704 Mattoon Coles County Memorial Airport $7.50
Z-074 530705 Mattoon Coles County Memorial Airport $9.00
Mendota Menota Grandpa's Farm Airport
T-321 471012 Metropolis Municipal Airport $26.25
L-021 390416 Moline Municipal Airport $3.00
AA-090 540926 Moline Quad City International Airport $4.50
Moline Quad-City Seaplane Base
Monee Bult Field
AP-077 680704 Monmouth Municipal Airport $12.00
Monticello Piatt County Airport
Morris Municipal Airport
T-242 470803 Mount Carmel Municipal Airport $7.50
Mount Morris Ogle County Airport
Mount Sterling Municipal Airport
Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Airport
Y-043 520601 Murphysboro Murphysboro Airport $19.00
N-117 410721 Nauvoo Nauvoo Seaplane Base
Newark Cushing Field
AF-032 590704 Olney Olney-Noble Airport $26.25
S-090 460604 Ottawa Skydive Chicago Airport $7.50
AU-012 720423 Palmyra Zelmar Memorial Airport $12.00
AU-050 720906 Paris Community Hospital Airport $38.00
AX-022 750621 Paris Edgar County Airport $7.50
AL-075 640905 Park Forest Municipal Heliport $12.00
P-064 430730 Park Ridge Douglas Aircraft Airport $9.00
V-190 490918 Park Ridge O'Hare Airport $12.00
Paxton Paxton Airport
AL-031 640524 Pekin Municipal Airport $4.50
C-510 301004 Peoria Mount Hawlwy Airport $45.00
C-511 301005 Peoria Mount Hawlwy Airport $45.00
F-104 330722 Peoria Peoria Airport $3.00
F-105 330723 Peoria Peoria Airport $3.00
G-222 341021 Peoria Municipal Airport $12.00
Peoria Rainbow Heliport
B-164 290622 Peru Walter A Duncan Field $9.00
Pinckneyville Pinckneyville-Du Quoin Air
AW-025 740723 Pittsfield Pittsfield Penstone Municipal Airport $4.50
AH-060 610730 Pontiac Pontiac Flying Club Airstrip $26.25
Pontiac Municipal Airport
Poplar Grove Poplar Grove Airport
Prospect Heights Chicago Executive Airport
G-230 341028 Quincy Municipal Airport $6.00
V-180 490911 Quincy Baldwin Field $3.00
W-192 500820 Raleigh Raleigh Airport $9.00
Rantoul Rantoul National Aviation Center Airport
AM-094 650829 Robinson Municipal Airport $4.50
Rochelle Municipal Airport
T-227 470720 Rock Falls Municipal Airport $9.00
AA-116 541031 Rockford Cottonwood Airport $3.00
Rockford Chicago-Rockford International Airport
AA-092 540926 Rock Island Rock Island Airport $6.00
Romeoville Lewis University Airport
Rushville Schuy-Rush Airport
Saint Jacob Saint Louis Metro-East Airport
M-130 400902 Salem Salem-Leckrone Airport $7.50
Savanna Tri-Township Airport
Schaumburg Schaumburg Regional Airport
Schaumburg Schaumburg Municipal Heliport
Shelbyville Shelby County Airport
Sparta Sparta Community Airport
065 270815 Springfield Lindbergh Airport 2S6 $15.00
G-223 270815 Springfield Municipal Airport $6.00
T-335 471102 Springfield Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport $6.00
N-049 410510 Sterling Seaplane Base $6.00
Sterling Whiteside County Airport
Taylorville Municipal Airport
Tinley Chicago-Tinley Park Heliport
Tuscola Tuscola Airport
R-080 451026 Urbana University of Illinois Frasca Airport $4.50
P-090 431016 Vandalia Municipal Airport $7.50
P-091 431017 Vandalia Municipal Airport $12.00
Watson Percival Springs Airport
Waukegan Chicago-Waukegan Regional Airport
West Chicago Dupage Airport
X-174 510930 Wood River Wood River Airport $26.25
Yates City Tri-City Airport

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