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History of Aviation
        Aviator Glenn Curtiss arrived in California at San Diego’s North Island in the winter of 1910. He invited the Army and Navy to send officers for free instruction as "aeroplane pilots." Curtiss established a private flying school with the cooperation of the Aero Club of San Diego. Many years later this site became the Naval Air Station, North Island.
        Eugene Ely returned to California and from December 24th to January 2, 1911 completed as a contestant in the Flying Meet at Dominguez Field, Los Angeles, California, as part of the Curtiss Team. Among his team mates were Glenn Curtiss, Charles Willard, Hugh Robinson and Lincoln Beachey. Competing against them on the Wright Brothers Team were Hoxsey and Parmelee and from Europe were Latham and Radley. At this Air Meet California aviator Glenn Martin made his public flying debut. Ely made second best showing of the Curtiss Team.
        Five days later, Ely with the Curtiss Team competed as contestants at an Air Meet at Selfridge Field, San Francisco, California (January 7th to 25, 1911). Also flying for the Curtiss Team were Willard, Beachey and Robinson, all of whom where competing against Brookings, Parmelee, Latham, Radley, Red Wisemand and Clarance Walker, in addition to a number of local amateur aviators.
        On January 18, 1911 Eugene Ely made his most historic flight when he flew from the Air Meet at Selfridge Field, circled several vessels of the Pacific Fleet at anchor in San Francisco Bay, then made a precise and perfect landing on an inclined platform on the U.S. cruiser PENNSYLVANIA.
        Calbraith Perry Rogers (aka the Pioneer Aerial Postman) flying his Wright Model FX aircraft (aka Vin Fiz Flyer) made the first transcontinental flight westward across the US. His flight was financed by the Armour Company who made the Vin Fiz soft drink. Cal's wife, Mabel acquired postmaster status for mail carried by Cal on various legs of his trip. Cal's flight took 14 legs, 50 days (September 17 ~ December 10, 1911) and was plagued with accidents and injury. Sadly, Cal died in a plane accident while on the west coast in a flight over Long Beach California.
        Postmaster William H Harrison established a postal sub-station on the grounds of Dominguez Field in Los Angeles. Aviator Glenn L Martin flew from Domingez Field about four miles to Compton CA where he dropped the mail from the plane. The mail was then retrieved and driven by car to the post office. Additional pilots other than Glenn Martin that flew the mail during this international air meet included Clifford Turpin and Charles Willard.
        California aviation growth continued over the years.

More CA Aviation History


Adin Adin Airport
Agua Caliente Springs Agua Caliente Airport
Agua Dulce Agua Dulce Airpark
C-426 300817 Alameda Alameda Airport $15.00
C-077 300417 Alhambra New Western Air Terminal $3.00
C-078 300418 Alhambra New Western Air Terminal $12.00
C-079 300419 Alhambra New Western Air Terminal $12.00
E-026 320312 Alhambra Pasadena-Alhambra Airport $12.00
E-027 320313 Alhambra Pasadena-Alhambra Airport $15.00
Alturas Municipal Airport
Alturas California Pines Airport
AB-066 550717 Anaheim Disneyland Airport $26.25
AE-060 580824 Angels Camp Frogtown Airport $26.25
Angwin Angwin-Parrett Airport
AD-044 570702 Apple Valley Apple Valley Airport 105W26
P-059 430709 Arcata US Naval Station $9.00
Arcata Arcata-Eureka Airport
E-051 320521 Arlington Arlington Airport $4.50
E-052 320522 Arlington Arlington Airport $4.50
L-017 390408 Arvin Arvin-Sierra Soaring Port $15.00
L-018 390409 Arvin Arvin-Sierra Soaring Port $15.00
Auburn Municipal Airport
Avalon Catalina Airport
Baker Baker Airport
D-061 310510 Bakersfield Municipal Airport $7.50
O-004 420207 Bakersfield Minter Field Airport $12.00
Bakersfield Meadows Field Airport
Banning Municipal Airport
AP-023 680330 Bear Valley Bear Valley Stolport $12.00
Beckwourth Nervino Airport
AH-102 611009 Berkeley Municipal Airport $23.00
Bieber Southard Airport
AW-015 740615 Big Bear City Big Bear City Airport $12.00
Bishop Eastern Sierra Regional Airport
Blythe Blythe Airport
AF-030 590703 Bodega Bay County Airport $15.00
Boonville Boonville Airport
Borrego Springs Borrego Valley Airport
Brawley Municipal Airport
Bridgeport Bryant Airport
Brownsville Brownsville Airport
T-143 470615 Buena Park Bryant Air Park $26.25
C-157 300530 Burbank United Airport $4.50
Burbank Bob Hope Airport
Buttonwillow Elk Hills Airport
Byron Byron Airport
B-458 291111 Calexico Calexico International Airport $12.00
California City Municipal Airport
Calipatria Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport
T-085 470518 Camarillo Conejo Valley Airport $12.00
Cameron Park Cameron Airpark
Carlsbad McClellan-Palomar Airport
D-140 310704 Carpinteria Carpinteria Airport $4.50
D-141 310705 Carpinteria Carpinteria Airport $4.50
Cedarville Cedarville Airport
Chemehuevi Valley Chemehuevi Valley Airport
Chester Rogers Airport
H-033 350413 Chico Municipal Airport $6.00
Chico Ranchaero Airport
Chico Chico Airport
Chiriaco Summit Chiriaco Summit Airport
Chowchilla Chowchilla Airport
AJ-070 621007 Cloverdale Municipal Airport $4.50
C-550 301101 Clyde Clyde Airport $53.00
C-551 301102 Clyde Clyde Airport $53.00
Coalinga Harris Ranch Airport
Coalinga Municipal Airport
L-174 391210 Colton Tri-City Airport $4.50
Columbia Columbia Airport
C-173 300530 Colusa Municipal Airport $3.00
C-174 300531 Colusa Municipal Airport $3.00
C-175 300601 Colusa County Airport $26.25
F-027 330402 Compton Compton Airport $4.50
M-189 401123 Compton Compton-Woodley Airport $3.00
N-027 410323 Concord Concord Airport $9.00
N-052 410511 Concord Sherman Field $7.50
S-138 460804 Concord Buchanan Field $9.00
N-046 410504 Corcoran Corcoran Airport $7.50
A-052 280716 Corning Woodson Field $15.00
C-512 301004 Corning Corning Airport $9.00
C-513 301005 Corning Corning Airport $9.00
Corning Municipal Airport
L-031 320507 Corona Kuster Landing Field $4.50
AG-016 600501 Corona Municipal Airport $26.25
E-130 320917 Covelo Covelo Airport $23.00
Covelo Round Valley Airport
Crescent City Jack McNamara Airport
C-121 300509 Culver City Culver City Airport $9.00
F-067 330604 Cummings Gill Airport $3.00
T-144 470615 Cypress Bryant Air Park $26.25
Daggett Barstow-Daggett Airport
Davis University Airport
Davis Davis Woodland Winters Airport
H-037 350420 Death Valley Furnace Creek Airport $15.00
Z-185 531115 Death Valley Furnace Creek Airport 105S19 $4.50
Death Valley Stovepipe Wells Airport
Delano Municipal Airport
W-016 500225 Del Mar Torrey Pines Glider Port $19.00
W-018 500226 Del Mar Torrey Pines Glider Port $19.00
I-055 360705 Del Monte Del Monte Airport $7.50
L-110 390903 Del Rosa Valley Airport $6.00
Desert Center Desert Center Airport
Dinsmore Dinsmore Airport
AP-159 681006 Dorris Butte Valley Airport $12.00
Dunsmuir Municipal Mott Airport
X-180 511003 East Los Angeles Vail Airport $19.00
AY-010 760326 Edwards Hugh L Dryden Flight Research Center $6.00
A-247 281201 El Centro El Centro Airport $9.00
Z-020 530412 El Centro County Airport $9.00
R-014 450429 El Monte El Monte Airport $3.00
Elk Grove Elk Grove Airport
T-130 470608 Elsinore Elsinore Airport $19.00
P-014 430317 El Toro US Marine Corps Air Station $53.00
Emigrant Gap Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport
AF-088 591024 Eureka Murray Field $12.00
Eureka Municipal Airport
Eureka Kneeland Airport
Exeter Exeter Airport
Fall River Mills Fall River Mills Airport
Fallbrook Fallbrook Community Airpark
Famoso Poso-Kern County Airport
Firebaugh Firebaugh Airport
Folsom Folsom Lake Seaplane Base
Q-006 440603 Fontana Auxiliary Field $6.00
Z-005 530123 Fontana Heliport $4.50
Fort Bidwell Fort Bidwell Airport
C-540 301025 Fort Bragg Fort Bragg Airport $15.00
C-541 301026 Fort Bragg Fort Bragg Airport $15.00
Fort Jones Scott Valley Airport
Fortuna Rohnerville Airport
Franklin Franbklin Field
B-458 291102 Fresno Chandler Airport $3.00
J-126 371030 Fresno Chandler Executive Airport $4.50
J-127 371031 Fresno Chandler Executive Airport $4.50
Fresno Yosemite International Airport
Fresno Sierra Sky Park Airport
D-057 310503 Fullerton Municipal Airport $4.50
W-228 500930 Garberville Garberville Airport $9.00
L-155 391021 Gardena Valley Airport $4.50
Gasquet Ward Field
W-203 500901 George George AFB $12.00
AO-023 670521 Georgetown Georgetown Airport $7.50
B-025 290222 Glendale Glendale Airport $3.00
T-258 470817 Goleta Municipal Airport $7.50
Grass Valley Nevada County Air Park
Groveland Pine Mountain Lake Airport
Gualala Ocean Ridge Airport
Gustine Gustine Airport
Half Moon Bay Half Moon Bay Airport
C-578 301115 Hanford Municipal Airport $3.00
X-116 510805 Happy Camp Happy Camp Airport $26.25
T-346 471111 Hawthorne Jack Northrop Municipal Airport $19.00
Hayfork Hayfork Airport
S-025 460414 Hayward Hayward Airport $3.00
Healdsburg Municipal Airport
M-184 401111 Hemet Ryan School of Aeronautics Airport $4.50
U-130 481023 Hemet Ryan Airport $12.00
U-131 481024 Hemet Ryan Airport $12.00
Herlong Herlong Airport
Hesperia Hesperia Airport
B-088 290511 Hollister Turner Field $3.00
B-089 290512 Hollister Turner Field $3.00
Hollister Municipal Airport
Hollister Frazier Lake Airpark
P-052 430704 Holtville US Naval Auxiliary Air Station $9.00
Holtville Holtville Airport
Hoopa Hoopa Airport
Hyampom Hyampon Airport
Z-021 530412 Imperial County Airport $7.50
Independence Independence Airport
C-031 300222 Indian Wells Coachella Valley Airport $3.00
E-055 320528 Inyokern Inyokern Airport $7.50
V-045 490604 Jackson Amador County Airport $9.00
Jacumba Jacumba Airport
Joshua Tree Roy Williams Airport
Kernville Kern Valley Airport
King City Mesa Del Rey Airport
D-185 310816 Klamath Klamath Airport $19.00
Klamath Glen Andy McBeth Airport
AL-098 641012 Kneeland Humboldt County Airport $4.50
AM-016 650415 Lafayette Contra Costa County Heliport $45.00
L-001 390101 La Jolla Torrey Pines Glider Port $15.00
N-100 410704 Lakeport Lake County Airport $9.00
N-101 410705 Lakeport Lake County Airport $6.00
N-102 410706 Lakeport Lake County Airport $9.00
Lakeport Lampson Field
X-150 510916 La Mesa Municipal Airport $12.00
AF-095 591114 Lancaster William J Fox Airfield $37.50
AZ-025 771001 La Verne Brackett Field $4.50
Lee Vining Lee Vining Airport
O-024 420226 Lemoore Army Flying School $6.00
AH-047 610708 Lemoore US Naval Air Station $4.50
Lincoln Lincoln Regional Airport
Little River Little River Airport
AN-022 660501 Livermore Municipal Airport $38.00
Lodi Lodi Airport
Lodi Kingdon Airpark
Lodi Lodi Airpark
S-096 460706 Lomita Lomita Airport $7.50
Lompoc Lompoc Airport
Lone Pine Lone Pine Airport
D-156 310717 Long Beach Daugherty Field $3.00
D-157 310718 Long Beach Daugherty Field $3.00
AA-011 540312 Long Beach Municipal Heliport $26.25
C-073 300417 Los Angeles New Western Air Terminal $3.00
C-074 300418 Los Angeles New Western Air Terminal $3.00
C-075 300419 Los Angeles New Western Air Terminal $3.00
C-076 300420 Los Angeles New Western Air Terminal $4.50
C-201 300607 Los Angeles Mines Field $3.00
C-202 300608 Los Angeles Mines Field $3.00
F-036 330415 Los Angeles Griffith Park Airport $12.00
M-041 400511 Los Angeles Vail Field $7.50
M-042 400512 Los Angeles Vail Field $7.50
R-049 450719 Los Angeles Whiteman Air Park $9.00
V-220 490711 Los Angeles International Airport $9.00
AG-001 600101 Los Angeles Pancho Barnes Airport $45.00
AJ-011 620405 Los Angeles Rexall Heliport $15.00
AM-008 650215 Los Angeles Wilshire Heliport $45.00
Los Banos Municipal Airport
Los Banos San Luis Reservoir Seaplane Base
Lost Hills Kern County Airport
C-103 300426 Lucerne Lucerne Airport $7.50
C-104 300427 Lucerne Lucerne Airport $7.50
J-037 370630 Madera Municipal Airport $4.50
Mammoth Lakes Mammoth-Yosemite Airport
Marina Municipal Airport
J-113 371003 Mariposa Mariposa-Yosemite Airport $3.00
Markleeville Alpine County Airport
Z-065 530620 Martinez Airpark $30.00
C-498 300922 Marysville Cheim Airport $3.00
Marysville Yuba County Airport
Mendota Mendota Airport
T-035 470330 Mentone Municipal Airport $45.00
D-264 311129 Merced Merced Airport $19.00
F-100 330716 Merced Municipal Airport $19.00
S-130 460801 Merced Castle Airport 8N47
W-232 501001 Meridan Sutter County Airport $45.00
G-101 340704 Modesto Municipal Airport $4.50
I-097 361101 Modesto Harry Sham Field $3.00
O-021 420216 Moffett Naval Air Station $30.00
AH-056 610723 Mojave Mojave Airport $15.00
AA-055 540627 Mokelomne Hill Calaveras County Airport $26.25
Montague Siskiyou County Airport
Montague Yreka Rohrer Field
C-085 300417 Montebello New Western Air Terminal $9.00
C-086 300418 Montebello New Western Air Terminal $9.00
C-087 300419 Montebello New Western Air Terminal $9.00
I-054 360705 Monterey Monterey Airport $6.00
J-136 371111 Monterey Monterey Peninsula Airport $41.25
W-006 500122 Muroc Edwards AFB $26.25
Murrieta/Temecula French Valley Airport
X-070 510617 Napa County Airport $26.25
Napa Lake Berryessa Seaplane Base
Needles Needles Airport
New Cuyama New Cuyama Airport
U-050 480701 Newhall Newhall Airport $26.25
B-396 290928 Newman Newman Airport $9.00
B-397 290929 Newman Newman Airport $9.00
T-316 471010 North Sacramento Municipal Airport $12.00
T-317 471011 North Sacramento Municipal Airport $12.00
Novato Gnoss Field
C-111 300503 Oakdale Municipal Airport $3.00
C-112 300504 Oakdale Municipal Airport $3.00
075 270917 Oakland Municipal Airport $60.00
C-425 300817 Oakland San Francisco Bay Airdrome $12.00
N-193 411101 Oakland Naval Reserve Aviation Base $9.00
AD-046 570703 Oakland Jack London Square Heliport $15.00
AJ-063 620915 Oakland Metropolitan International Airport $12.00
AJ-064 620916 Oakland Metropolitan International Airport $23.00
AM-011 650301 Oakland Downtown Heliport $23.00
Oceano Oceano County Airport
Oceanside Municipal Airport
Ocotillo Wells Ocotillo Airport
I-035 360607 Ontario Municipal Airport $9.00
M-105 400805 Ontario Cal-Aero School of Aeronautics $7.50
M-142 400914 Ontario Cal-Aero Flying Academy $4.50
T-345 471111 Ontario International Airport $3.00
Orland Haigh Field
H-062 350601 Oroville Municipal Airport $6.00
N-204 411123 Oroville Municipal Airport $3.00
Oroville Lake Oroville Seaplane Base
H-101 350704 Oxnard Oxnard Airport $4.50
AN-009 660119 Oxnard Saint Johns Hospital Heliport $53.00
R-046 450719 Pacoima Whitman Air Park $9.00
V-086 490703 Pacoima Whitman Air Park $9.00
H-022 350312 Palmdale Palmdale Regional Airport $4.50
Y-125 521129 Palm Springs Municipal Airport $3.00
Palm Springs Bermuda Dunes Airport
Palm Springs Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport
C-546 301026 Palo Alto Goddard Airport $19.00
H-102 350704 Palo Alto Municipal Airport $9.00
C-081 300417 Pasadena New Western Air Terminal $6.00
C-082 300418 Pasadena New Western Air Terminal $6.00
C-083 300419 Pasadena New Western Air Terminal $6.00
C-084 300420 Pasadena New Western Air Terminal $12.00
W-270 501027 Pasadena Orrin Russell Fox Heliport $9.00
G-081 340629 Paso Robles Municipal Airport $38.00
F-150 331008 Perris Perris Valley Airport $15.00
Petaluma Municipal Airport
B-490 291201 Placerville Placerville Airport $3.00
AP-012 680222 Pomona Central Heliport $6.00
Porterville Municipal Airport
E-116 320828 Portola Portola Airport $23.00
Quincy Gansner Field
Ramona Ramona Airport
Rancho Murieta Rancho Murieta Airport
G-034 340428 Randsburg Randsburg Airport $12.00
G-035 340429 Randsburg Randsburg Airport $12.00
Ravendale Ravendale Airport
D-164 310721 Red Bluff Bidwell Airport $6.00
M-101 400801 Red Bluff Municipal Airport 8N32
B-206 290706 Redding Benton Field $3.00
B-207 290707 Redding Benton Field $9.00
Redding Municipal Airport
Redding Bridge Bay Resort Seaplane Base
D-220 310920 Redlands Tri-City Airport $12.00
L-175 391210 Redlands Tri-City Airport $7.50
T-034 470330 Redlands Municipal Airport $15.00
Reedley Municipal Airport
Rialto Municipal Airport
Rio Linda Rio Linda Airport
Rio Vista Municipal Airport
E-133 320923 Riverside Riverside Airport $6.00
AC-105 561113 Riverside Municipal Airport $15.00
Riverside-Rubidoux Flabob Airport
Rosamond Rosamond Skypark Airport
R-013 450429 Rosemead Rosemead Airport $3.00
Ruth Ruth Airport
C-069 300412 Sacramento Municipal Airport $3.00
C-070 300413 Sacramento Municipal Airport $9.00
L-024 390429 Sacramento Army Air Depot $4.50
T-061 470427 Sacramento Capital Sky Park $12.00
AO-126 671028 Sacramento Metropolitan Airport $15.00
Sacramento International Airport
Sacramento Sacramento Executive Airport
Sacramento Mather Airport
Sacramento McClellan Field
B-312 290902 Salinas Salinas Airport $3.00
S-099 460716 Salinas Municipal Airport 8S39
Salton City Salton Sea Airport
B-268 290807 San Andreas San Andreas Airport $9.00
AA-054 540627 San Andreas Calaveras County Airport $3.00
E-152 321025 San Bernardino Shandin Hills Airport $4.50
L-176 391210 San Bernardino Tri-City Airport $7.50
San Bernardino International Airport
Z-120 530904 San Bernardino Heliport $4.50
AJ-016 620515 San Bernardino County Heliport $37.50
N-194 411102 San Carlos San Carlos Airport $7.50
AR-135 691004 San Carlos San Carlos Airport $12.00
A-072 280816 San Diego Lindbergh Field $7.50
AO-007 670208 San Diego Lindbergh Field $12.00
J-021 370508 San Diego Coast Guard Air Base $60.00
L-051 390625 San Diego Linda Vista Airport $9.00
V-031 490501 San Diego Borrego Valley County Airport $7.50
W-015 500225 San Diego Torrey Pines Glider Port $4.50
W-017 500226 San Diego Torrey Pines Glider Port $6.00
W-060 500520 San Diego Montgomery Field $3.00
AH-071 610820 San Diego Halsey Field $7.50
San Diego Brown Field
San Diego International Airport Field
San Diego-El Cajon Gillespie Field
R-047 450719 San Fernando Whitman Air Park $9.00
R-051 450903 San Fernando Mission Airport $12.00
Y-100 520929 San Fernando Heliport $3.00
N-015 410215 San Francisco Coast Guard Air Station $6.00
T-310 471003 San Francisco International Airport $15.00
AA-069 540827 San Francisco International Airport $3.00
AA-070 540828 San Francisco International Airport $3.00
AA-071 540829 San Francisco International Airport $3.00
W-020 500228 San Francisco Heliport $6.00
AP-004 680131 San Francisco Downtown Heliport $6.00
B-358 290917 San Jacinto Harmon Field $15.00
V-010 490101 San Jose Municipal Airport $9.00
San Jose Norman Y Mineta International Airport
San Jose Reid-Hillview Airport
AM-063 650712 San Jose Heliport $7.50
San Luis Obispo San Luis Regional Airport
San Martin South County Airport
C-325 300704 San Mateo Curtiss Wright Airport $3.00
C-326 300705 San Mateo Curtiss Wright Airport $4.50
C-327 300706 San Mateo Curtiss Wright Airport $6.00
H-046 350512 San Rafael Hamilton Field $3.00
D-035 310301 Santa Ana Santa Ana Airport $4.50
Santa Ana John Wayne-Orange County Airport
T-257 470817 Santa Barbara Municipal Airport $12.00
AR-104 690830 Santa Barbara Ovington Airport $15.00
D-048 310423 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Airport $4.50
G-248 341110 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Airport $3.00
G-249 341111 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Airport $3.00
Santa Maria Santa Maria Public Airport
Santa Monica Municipal Airport
C-403 300809 Santa Paula Santa Paula Airport $3.00
C-404 300810 Santa Paula Santa Paula Airport $3.00
N-030 410329 Santa Paula Santa Paula Airport $4.50
B-096 290518 Santa Rosa Municipal Airport $3.00
B-097 290519 Santa Rosa Municipal Airport $3.00
I-101 361108 Santa Rosa Municipal Airport $4.50
Santa Rosa Charles M Schulz Airport
Santa Ynes Santa Ynes Airport
Schellville-Sonoma Sonoma Valley Airport
Selma Selma Airport
W-061 500520 Shafter National Soaring Society $6.00
W-062 500521 Shafter National Soaring Society $7.50
Shafter Shafter-Minter Field
Shelter Cove Shelter Cove Airport
Shoshone Shoshone Airport
T-311 471004 Siegler Springs Hobergs Airport $26.25
AR-046 690531 Sierraville Dearwater Field $9.00
Sonoma Sonoma Skypark Airport
H-073 350616 Sonora Ralph Field $3.00
South Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe Airport
N-004 410111 Stockton Stockton Airport $3.00
S-225 460930 Stockton Municipal Airport $7.50
AL-058 640707 Stockton Metropolitan Airport $15.00
Stockton Lost Isle Seaplane Base
Strathmore Eckert Field
F-032 330412 Sunnyvale US Naval Air Base (Moffett Field) $3.00
C-416 300817 Susanville Susanville Airport $12.00
M-081 400629 Susanville Municipal Airport $6.00
M-082 400630 Susanville Municipal Airport $6.00
Susanville Spaulding Airport
W-233 501001 Sutter Sutter County Airport $45.00
N-189 411026 Taft Gardner Field $6.00
AF-055 590911 Tahoe Valley Tahoe Valley Airport $12.00
AF-056 590912 Tahoe Valley Tahoe Valley Airport $12.00
AF-057 590913 Tahoe Valley Tahoe Valley Airport $12.00
Tehachapi Municipal Airport
Tehachapi Mountain Valley Airport
H-066 350609 Three Rivers Jefferson Davis Airport $3.00
S-315 461207 Torrance Zamperini Municipal Field $4.50
B-072 290427 Tracy Tracy Airport $41.25
B-073 290428 Tracy Tracy Airport $3.00
Tracy Municipal Airport
Tracy New Jerusalem Airport
X-130 510420 Travis Travis AFB $26.25
Trinity Center Trinity Center Airport
Trona Trona Airport
AL-042 640621 Truckee Truckee-Tahoe Airport $3.00
N-059 410518 Tulare Rankin Airport $4.50
Tulare Mefford Field
X-075 510624 Tulelake Siskeyou County Airport $26.25
Turlock Municipal Airport
AF-001 590131 Twenty Nine Palms Municipal Airport $45.00
Ukiah Municipal Airport
W-280 501203 Upland Dewey Cable Airport $12.00
Upper Lake Gravelly Valley Airport
AB-056 550709 Vacaville Nut Tree Airport $30.00
AE-080 581004 Vandenberg Vandenberg AFB $26.25
W-035 500401 Van Nuys Metropolitan Airport $6.00
AM-006 650128 Van Nuys Van Nuys Helicopter Terminal $7.50
O-022 420224 Victorville Army Air Base $7.50
Victorville Southern California Logistics Airport
N-172 411011 Visalia Municipal Airport $4.50
Visalia Sequoria Field
Wasco Wasco-Kern County Airport
D-059 310509 Watsonville Watsonville Airport $4.50
D-060 310510 Watsonville Watsonville Airport $6.00
Weaverville Lonnie Pool Field
Weed Weed Airport
AL-107 641201 Whittier Whittier-Santa Fe Springs Heliport $15.00
S-171 460825 Willits Municipal Airport $7.50
AL-079 640912 Willits Willits Airport $6.00
AL-080 640913 Willits Willits Airport $12.00
AP-120 680831 Willow Creek Willow Creek Airport $26.25
B-128 290601 Willows Willows Airport $41.25
B-129 290602 Willows Willows Airport $41.25
F-134 330909 Willows Willows-Glenn County Airport $7.50
Z-080 530712 Wilmington Matson Heliport $19.00
Woodlake Woodlake Airport
Woodland Watts-Woodland Airport
C-452 300828 Yuba City Yuba City Airport $6.00
C-453 300829 Yuba City Yuba City Airport $12.00
C-454 300830 Yuba City Yuba City Airport $12.00
C-455 300831 Yuba City Yuba City Airport $12.00
C-456 300901 Yuba City Yuba City Airport $12.00
T-276 470831 Yuba City Sutter County Airport $6.00
W-231 501001 Yuba City Sutter County Airport $3.00
Yucca Valley Yucca Valley Airport

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