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Background: The Post Office Department designated any contract air mail route flown by an airline into/from a foreign country into/from the US as a "Foreign Air Mail" route. The Foreign Air Mail routes became known as FAM's.

FAM-20: FAM-20 was awarded to Pacific Alaska Airways.
        In the early planning for trans-Pacific routes it was thought that the only way to cross the Pacific was to island hop through the Aleutians understanding that aircraft lacked the necessary range. Pan American Airways floated Pacific Alaska Airways on June 11, 1932 as a subsidiary company. They did this by amalgamating two airlines, Alaskan Airways (developed by the Aviation Corporation of America) and Pacific International Airlines (a private corporation). Initially Pan Am had hoped to be able to serve Europe by flying across Russia but the Russians withheld their approval.
        On April 3, 1935 Pacific Alaska Airways flew its first survey flight from Juneau to Fairbanks AK. FAM-20 was awarded to PAA and on June 20, 1940 flying a Sikorsky S-42 piloted by SE Robbins, it inaugurated scheduled flight service from Seattle WA to Juneau AK via Ketchikan AK. FAM-20 complemented FAM 15 routing.

Sikorsky S-42

F20-1a 400620 Seattle WA-Ketchikan AK PAA SE Robbins $0.00
F20-1fa 400620 Seattle WA-Ketchikan AK PAA SE Robbins $0.00
F20-1 400620 Seattle WA-Juneau AK PAA SE Robbins $0.00
F20-1f 400620 Seattle WA-Juneau AK PAA SE Robbins $0.00
F20-2 400622 Ketchikan AK-Seattle WA PAA WJ Jones $0.00
F20-3 400622 Juneau AK-Seattle WA PAA WJ Jones $0.00

Pan American secured CAB approval to serve Fairbanks AK from Portland OR as well as Seattle WA.

Boeing 727

F20-6 650601 Fairbanks AK-Portland OR PAA RF Magnussen $60.00
F20-5 650602 Portland OR-Fairbanks AK PAA DH Wallace $45.00

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