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Background: The Airline Deregulation Act took effect of December 1, 1978. The main purpose of the Act was to remove government control from commercial aviation and expose the passenger airline industry to market forces. This Act changed the face of civil aviation in the US. Air Mail would continue to be carried by Air Carriers but the old system of CAM and FAM routes would evolve into Air Mail flown by individual US airlines to both domestic and foreign destinations.

Reno Air was a "low fair" airline that began flying regional US routes in the early 1990s. It was the only scheduled commercial airline based in Nevada operating from its hub in Reno/Tahoe NV.

        Reno Air was conceived in 1990 by Joseph Lorenzo, formerly an executive at Frontier Airlines and Jeff Erickson, former president of the original Midway Airlines with the help of fellow airline executive Robert Reding. It used a low-cost, non-unionized staff ensuring reserved seating for its passengers. It also offered meals on flights and maintained a first-class section.

McDonnell Douglas MD-80

QQ-D25S 931215 Reno NV-Las Vegas NV Reno Air Jim Chase $105.00
QQ-D27S 931215 Reno NV-Phoenix AZ Reno Air Al Christoffersen $120.00
QQ-D30N 931215 Tucson AZ-Las Vegas NV Reno Air $200.00

        American Airlines purchased the assets of Reno Air on August 31, 1999.


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