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Background: The Airline Deregulation Act took effect of December 1, 1978. The main purpose of the Act was to remove government control from commercial aviation and expose the passenger airline industry to market forces. This Act changed the face of civil aviation in the US. Air Mail would continue to be carried by Air Carriers but the old system of CAM and FAM routes would evolve into Air Mail flown by individual US airlines to both domestic and foreign destinations.

Markair began its life as Interior Airways in the late 1940s carrying cargo throughout the state of Alaska. In the late 1960s the airline bought Lockheed Hercules (L-382) aircraft to service construction of the Alaska Pipeline. In the 1970s to reflect its international charter business it changed it's name to Alaska International Air. In 1982 Alaska International Air bought a regional passenger/cargo airline named Great Northern.

         In 1984 the carrier's name was changed from AIA to Markair and it inaugurated passenger/cargo service from Anchorage to some Alaska bush communties.

Boeing 737

BF-D1N 840301 Anchorage AK-Fairbanks AK or Bethel AK Markair $3.00
BF-D2N 840301 Fairbanks AK-Barrow AK Markair $120.00
BF-D2S 840301 Fairbanks AK-Anchorage AK Markair $120.00
BF-D3S 840301 Barrow AK-Fairbanks AK or Anchorage AK Markair $83.00
BF-D4W 840301 Anchorage AK-Bethel AK Markair $3.00
BF-D5E 840301 Bethel AK Markair $200.00

        In 1992 Markair expanded its Lower 48 route network. With head-to-head competition with Alaska Airlines, MarkAir was driven into bankruptcy by the the end of 1992. In 1993 MarkAir restructered itself as a "low fare" carrier. They began a hub in Denver CO and serviced various West Coast, Midwest and Southern cities. In 1995 faced with bankruptcy again, the airline cut all jet service within the state of Alaska concentrating on its Denver hub. MarkAir Express continued service within the State of Alaska taking over all of MarkAir's jet routes. In 1996 MarkAir was forced to shut down. MarkAir Express remained until 1997 and was reorganized into the all cargo carrier Alaska Central Express.


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