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Background: The Airline Deregulation Act took effect of December 1, 1978. The main purpose of the Act was to remove government control from commercial aviation and expose the passenger airline industry to market forces. This Act changed the face of civil aviation in the US. Air Mail would continue to be carried by Air Carriers but the old system of CAM and FAM routes would evolve into Air Mail flown by individual US airlines to both domestic and foreign destinations.

        In November 1985 Frontier Airlines was purchased by deregulation-born, Newark-based, People-Express who were looking to expand their empire in the west. The resulting merger caused the bankruptcy of both airlines. On July 5, 1994 New Frontier Airlines was founded by a group of eight original Frontier executives led by Hank Lund. Many of the employees from the former Frontier Airlines joined the new airline. To be distinctive, New Frontier Airlines featured decals of western wildlife on their aircraft vertical stabilizer and their slogan was “The Spirit of the West.”

Boeing 737

F9-D9Sf 941013 Denver CO-Albuquerque NM/El Paso TX New Frontier Airlines Jim Wyche $200.00
F9-D10Sf 941013 Albuquerque NM-El Paso TX New Frontier Airlines Jim Wyche $200.00
F9-D10Nf 941013 Albuquerque NM-Denver CO New Frontier Airlines Jim Wyche $200.00
F9-D11N 941013 El Paso TX New Frontier Airlines Jim Wyche $200.00
F9-D12SWf 941013 Denver CO-Tucson AZ New Frontier Airlines Jim Wyche $200.00

F9-D14SWf 950119 Denver CO-Las Vegas NV New Frontier Airlines $200.00


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