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      BACKGROUND:      After the end of WW-I, the airplane became the embodiment of freedom. Man had been freed from his earthly limitations and the sky was given to his dominion. The airplane came at the time when the world needed it. Freedom rode upon wings. People were thrilled at the sight of a plane flying through the peaceful sky. Daring pilots flying boldly designed aircraft were audaciously doing what many once thought to be impossible. Their spirit was infectious with the public. The burden of transportation was being lifted from the crowded tracks of commerce to the free spaces of the air.
      The public sought ways to document the accelerated advances of aviation occuring around their lives. They quickly saw the post office as the link to record aviation's advances. Air mail stamps were issued and collected. Mail carried on the inauguration of flights became important to document, for future generations, the wonders of aerial transportation. Aero-philately had captured the immagination of the public.

      HISTORY:       In 1923 the Aero Philatelic Society of America was created. It offered a publication to its members, called the "Aero-Newsletter." There were 35 issues published through June 1926. In 1926 the Aero Philatelic Society changed its name to the American Air Mail Society. In July 1926 it published the first issue of the "Aero-News." The last issue of the "Aero-News was the August/September 1927. At that time, the offical organ of AAMS became "Philatelic Gossip" published by AV Dworak of the Gossip Printery. This continued through October 1928.
      In November 1928 the "The Air Mail Collector" became the official magazine of the American Air Mail Society. The AAMS exists to "further the interests of those who are collecting airmail stamps and covers; also to stimulate the growth of this branch of philately." The Air Mail Collector, published by the Gossip Printery (AV Dworak) continued until Dworak's passing in May 1932.
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      The original "Airpost Journal" was first published on November 1929 as an independent venture of Holcomb York, owner of the Berkshire Exchange. It was used as a supplement to Berkshire's "Standard Airpost Catalogue" (aka The Berkshire Catalog). On September 24, 1931 the Airpost Journal was acquired by the American Air Mail Society, headed by president, Herbert H Griffin. With George D. Kingdom as editor-in-chief, it's October 1931 issue (Vol II, No 6, Issue 18) became the AAMS's first issue and AAMS's official monthly aero-philatelic publication. It was distributed to each AAMS member with the cost of publication included in member's annual dues.
      The AAMS Airpost Journal would contain articles that would be welcomed by both the beginner and the specialist promoting their specific fields of aero-philately interest. The aero-philatelic hobby included the collecting of air mail stamps and the collecting of flown aero-philatelic covers and related historical data associated with the inauguration and expansion of air mail services. Each category of collector was dependent on the other. Flown covers flanked with air mail stamps received special attention.
      Today we all owe a quiet tribute to the early aero-philatelists who invested in and collected air mail stamps and flown covers. In doing so, they became custodians of this important aero-postal documentation retaining it for us and future generations.
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