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Background: Carrying personal mail by state-of-the-art aircraft flown by audacious pilots first linked cities together, then linked countries. The aerodacious significance of air mail and the development of the postal service allowed man's foremost desire to get his written message delivered quickly to the outposts of the world. Progress in transportation was driven by the influence of the mails. Planes and pilots became airlines and air mail became the greatest contribution to commercial aeronautics. With the introduction of the jet engine and its use in jet-powered aircraft, aviation began to measure distances not in miles but in minutes.

JET Air Mail: First flight JET routes were recognized by the US Postal Service where air mail was carried within the US and between US and foreign destinations. These first JET flights flown between origin and destination were documented by cancellations and special markings. Below is an index of JET first flights comprehensively compiled by the American Air Mail Society in their catalogues.

INDEX: JET First Flights by year.

1946 1950-59 1960-69 1970-79 1980-81

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