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History of Aviation
        New York jumped into aviation's history with Glenn Curtiss. In 1907 Curtiss began his aviation career as a member of the Aerial Experiment Association (a group of men focused on getting a man into the air). The AEA was made up of Glenn Curtiss, Alexander Graham Bell, FW "Casey" Baldwin, JAD McCurdy and US Army Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge.
        On March 12, 1908 the AEA "Red Wing" made the first public flight in America of a heavier-than-air machine with Casey Baldwin at the controls. The aircraft took off from the frozen surface of Keuka Lake and remained aloft for 20 seconds covering a distance of 318 feet before it crashed. Two months later AEA's "White Wing" piloted by Curtiss covered a distance of 1,017 feet in controlled flight.
        On July 4 1908 Curtiss piloted the "June Bug" across Pleasant Valley covering a distance of 5,090 feet. In 1910 made a flight from Albany and New York City following the Hudson River in his "Hudson Flyer" aircraft establishing the aeroplane as having some practical value.
        Postmaster General FH Hitchcock granted permission for the aerial transport of mail ship-to-shore from the deck of a steamer which had recently departed from New York City returing the mail to Governor's Island airport. JA McCurdy was to fly from the deck of the North German Lloyd Steam Ship, Kaiserin Augusta Victoria but bad weather forced postponement. A back-up attempt was scheduled on November 12, 1910 for JC Mars to fly from the deck of the Hamburg-American Steam Ship, SS Pennsylvania (see above pix) but during his preparation he broke his propeller and his flight was cancelled. The prepared souvenir mail was returned back to NY by a pilot boat where it was cancelled at the Hudson Terminal NY or Rutherford NJ.
        Calbraith Perry Rogers (aka the Pioneer Aerial Postman) flying his Wright Model FX aircraft (aka Vin Fiz Flyer) made the first transcontinental flight westward across the US. His flight was financed by the Armour Company who made the Vin Fiz soft drink. Cal's wife, Mabel acquired postmaster status for mail carried by Cal on various legs of his trip. Cal's took off from Sheepshead Bay and his flight took 14 legs, 50 days (September 17 ~ December 10, 1911) and was plagued with accidents and injury. Sadly, Cal died in a plane accident while on the west coast in a flight over Long Beach CA.
        Between September 23 and October 1, 1911 an International Aviation Meet was held at the Aerodrome in Garden City Estates in Mineola Long Island NY. Postmaster General Frank H Hitchcock authorized mail to be flown at this meet. Earle L Ovington was sworn in as the first official air mail pilot. He flew mail in his Bleriot aircraft on the opening day of the Meet. TOM Sopwith and Paul W Beck also flew mail during this event.
        Postmaster General Frank H Hitchcock authorized mail to be flown coast-to-coast with Earl L Ovington as pilot. On October 11, 1911 Ovington departed the Aerodrome in Garden City Estates in Mineola Long Island NY heading for the airport on Governor's Island NY. Unforturnately on his way to Governor's Island, his Bleriot plane was damaged in a forced landing terminating his transcontinental flight attempt.

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Akron Akron Airport
A-155 281003 Albany Albany Airport $4.50
A-156 281004 Albany Albany Airport $4.50
A-157 281005 Albany Albany Airport $4.50
A-158 281006 Albany Albany Airport $4.50
A-159 281007 Albany Albany Airport $9.00
L-081 390825 Albany NYA Seaplane Base $38.00
Albany Albany International Airport
AL-002 640106 Albion Pine Hill Airport $26.25
L-096 390827 Alexandria Bay NYA Seaplane Base $30.00
Alexandria Bay Maxson Airfield
Arcade Arcade Tri-County Airport
Argyle Argyle Airport
E-123 320910 Armonk Westchester Aviation Country Club Airport $12.00
A-057 280727 Auburn West Genesee Street Landing Field $15.00
A-058 280728 Auburn West Genesee Street Landing Field $15.00
N-118 410727 Auburn Throop Airport $38.00
K-010 380515 Babylon Babylon Seaplane Base $9.00
AO-064 670709 Batavia Genesee County Airport $26.25
Bayport Bayport Aerodrome
X-046 510530 Binghamton Broome County Airport $4.50
Binghamton Greater Binghamton Airport
Edwin A Link Field
Brockport Ledgedale Airpark
C-252 300626 Brooklyn Floyd Bennett Airport $3.00
D-073 310523 Brooklyn Floyd Bennett Airport $3.00
J-010 370320 Brooklyn US Coast Guard Flying Base $15.00
K-055 380617 Brooklyn US Coast Guard Air Station $9.00
N-070 410602 Brooklyn Floyd Bennett Naval Air Station $6.00
E-086 320702 Buffalo Marine Airport $3.00
Buffalo Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Buffalo Buffalo Airfield
Buffalo Clarence Aerodrome
Cambridge Chapin Airport
Camillus Camillus Airport
Canandaigua Canandaigua Airport
Canandaigua Hopewell Airpark
A-095 280828 Canastota Canastota Airport $4.50
Chittenango Luther Airport
Q-023 441029 Cicero Syracuse Airport $38.00
Cicero Michael Airfield
Clay Airlane Enterprises Airport
Cooperstown Cooperstown-Westville Airport
Corning Corning-Painted Post Airport
C-092 300420 Cortland Cortland Airport $53.00
C-235 300623 Cortland Cortland Airport $12.00
C-236 300624 Cortland Cortland Airport $12.00
C-237 300625 Cortland Cortland Airport $9.00
C-238 300626 Cortland Cortland Airport $12.00
C-239 300627 Cortland Cortland Airport $12.00
C-240 300628 Cortland Cortland Airport $12.00
C-241 300629 Cortland Cortland Airport $12.00
N-108 410713 Cortland Municipal Airport $6.00
AR-126 690927 Cortland Cortland County Airport
Chase Field
Dansville Municipal Airport
Degrasse Moores Airport
Dolgeville Dolgeville Airport
Duanesburg Duanesburg Airport
B-281 290817 Dunkirk Dunkirk Airport $3.00
R-018 450530 Dunkirk Municipal Airport $9.00
Dunkirk Chautauqua County Airport
AZ-022 770820 Durhamville Kemp Airport $12.00
AZ-023 770821 Durhamville Kemp Airport $12.00
L-089 390826 Eagle Bay NYA Seaplane Base $19.00
East Hampton East Hampton Airport
East Moriches Spadaro Airport
East Moriches Lufker Airport
AM-135 651205 Edgemere Peninsula General Hospital Heliport $6.00
Edinburg Plateau Sky Ranch Airport
Ellenville Joseph Y Resnick Airport
A-047 280630 Elmira Elmira Airport $22.50
A-048 280701 Elmira Elmira Airport $22.50
A-252 281222 Elmira General Aviation Airport $12.00
A-253 281223 Elmira General Aviation Airport $12.00
Elmira Elmira Corning Regional Airport
D-082 310530 Endicott Endicott Airport
X-048 510530 Endicott Broome County Airport $9.00
Endicott Tri-Cities Airport
Farmingdale Republic Airport
T-266 470824 Ferndale Ferndale Airport $7.50
Fishers Island Elizabeth Airport
B-041 290316 Flushing Holmes Airport $3.00
B-197 290705 Flushing Holmes Airport $3.00
AK-086 631016 Flushing World's Fair Heliport $4.50
H-170 350928 Fort Plain Fort Plain Intermediate Landing Field $3.00
M-113 400818 Fort Plain NYA Seaplane Base $6.00
B-282 290817 Fredonia Fredonia Airport $3.00
Freehold Freehold Airport
A-154 280930 Freeport Freeport Airport $9.00
H-060 350601 Fulton Municipal Airport $45.00
P-093 431024 Fulton Municipal Airport $15.00
Fulton Oswego County Airport
Gallupville Blue Heron Airport
Ganesvoort Heber Airpark
AT-005 710426 Garden City Roosevelt Field Heliport $12.00
Gasport Royalton Airport
Geneseo Geneseo Airport
M-114 400818 Geneva NYA Seaplane Base $4.50
L-080 390825 Germantown NYA Seaplane Base $19.00
Ghent Kline Kill Airport
L-077 390825 Glen Cove NYA Seaplane Base $45.00
K-023 380519 Glens Falls Floyd Bennett Airport $3.00
N-123 410801 Glens Falls Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport $3.00
Gorham Midlakes Airport
Gowanda Gowanda Airport
Granville Granville Airport
Y-075 520822 Great Bend Camp Drum Airport $38.00
Great Valley Great Valley Airport
Greene Greene Airport
Greenville Greenville-Rainbow Airport
Hamburg Hamburg Inc Airport
Hamilton Municipal Airport
AL-044 640627 Hammondsport Taylor-Van Gelder Airport $45.00
Haverstraw Haverstraw Heliport
Holcomb Creekside Airport
Honeoye Falls Honeoye Falls Airport
A-074 280818 Hornell Hornell Airport $12.00
A-075 280819 Hornell Hornell Airport $12.00
B-255 290803 Hornell Hornell Airport $6.00
AS-089 700909 Hornell Municipal Airport $9.00
AP-038 680505 Hudson Columbia County Airport $45.00
Islip Long Island MacArthur Airport
G-181 340915 Ithaca Municipal Airport $4.50
G-182 340916 Ithaca Municipal Airport $7.50
T-305 470928 Ithaca Cornell Robinson Airport $23.00
Ithaca Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport
U-070 480731 Jamaica Idlewild International Airport $3.00
AK-098 631224 Jamaica John F Kennedy International Airport $6.00
L-140 391001 Jamestown Jamestown Airport
Chautauqua County Airport
X-047 510530 Johnson City Broome County Airport $6.00
Johnstown Fulton County Airport
Keene Marcy Airport
Kingston Kingston-Ulster Airport
M-155 400928 Kirkville Bennett Airport $15.00
L-085 390826 Lake George NYA Seaplane Base $26.25
Lake Placid Lake Placid Airport
Lancaster Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport
A-178 281012 LeRoy Donald Woodward Airport $7.50
A-179 281013 LeRoy Donald Woodward Airport $4.50
A-180 281014 LeRoy Donald Woodward Airport
LeRoy Airport
Livingston Green Acres Airport
C-300 300704 Lockport Lee Van DeMark Airport $12.00
C-301 300705 Lockport Lee Van DeMark Airport $12.00
Lockport North Buffalo Suburban Airport
Long Lake Long Lake-Helms Seaplane Base
Long Lake Sagamore Seaplane Base
V-117 490724 Malone Municipal Airport $9.00
Malone Malone-Dufort Airport
B-091 290512 Massapequa Fitzmaurice Flying Field $3.00
M-115 400819 Massena Massena Airport $3.00
Massena Massena International Airport
Richards Field
Mattituck Mattituck Airport
Mayville Dart Airport
Mechanicville Burrello-Mechanicville Airport
Middlesex Middlesex Valley Airport
Middletown Randall Airport
Millbrook Sky Acres Airport
AE-030 580621 Montauk Point Municipal Airport $3.00
Montgomery Orange County Airport
AN-059 660626 Monticello Sullivan County International Airport $26.25
B-310 290902 Newark Newark Airport $6.00
L-079 390825 Newburgh NYA Seaplane Base $26.25
O-042 420825 Newburgh Newburgh Airport $19.00
Newburgh Stewart AFB
AS-006 700301 Newburgh Stewart International Airport $12.00
Newfane Hollands International Airport
New Hope Maus Marineland Seaplane Base
G-054 340528 New York 115th Street Seaplane Base $18.75
G-166 340905 New York Wall Street Seaplane Base $7.50
H-045 350508 New York 31st Street Midtown Skyport $23.00
M-028 400331 New York Pan American Marine Air Base $12.00
M-037 400501 New York East 23rd Street NYA Seaplane Base
P-065 430730 New York American Export Lines Seaplane Base $15.00
New York New York Skyports Seaplane Base
New York Evers Seaplane Base
V-040 490518 New York Pier 41 Heliport $7.50
V-063 490620 New York Midtown Aviation Center $23.00
W-100 500608 New York Police Heliport $30.00
Z-055 530611 New York Heliport #2 $12.00
AC-087 560926 New York Heliport #3 111-36 $3.00
AG-115 601208 New York Heliport #4 $9.00
New York East 34th Street Heliport
New York Port Authority Downtown Manhattan Wall Street Heliport
New York West 30th Street Heliport
AM-140 651221 New York Pan American Building Heliport $3.00
AP-187 661104 New York Pan American 60th Street Metroport Heliport $12.00
B-144 290613 Niagara Falls Municipal Airport $3.00
AN-036 660528 Niagara Falls Goat Island-Niagara Frontier Heliport $9.00
Niagara Falls Niagara Falls International Airport
B-157 290615 North Beach Glenn H Curtiss Airport $22.50
H-003 350105 North Beach Glenn H Curtiss Airport $30.00
L-151 391015 North Beach North Beach Municipal Airport $4.50
North Beach La Guardia Airport
A-039 280614 Norwich Norwich Airport $12.00
Norwich LT Warren Eaton Airport
L-095 390827 Ogdensburg NYA Seaplane Base $38.00
N-132 410814 Ogdensburg Ogdensburg International Airport $9.00
AK-048 630706 Old Forge Old Forge Airport $12.00
AF-018 590530 Olean Municipal Airport
Cattaraugus County Airport
Olean Giemek Executive Airport
A-054 280725 Oneida Oneida Airport $18.75
AN-096 660917 Oneonta Municipal Airport $4.50
L-094 390827 Oswego NYA Seaplane Base $15.00
Ovid Ovid Airport
B-471 291110 Ozone Park Ozone Park Airport $12.00
M-061 400608 Penn Yan NYA Seaplane Base $4.50
Penn Yan Penn Yan Airport
Perry Perry-Warsaw Airport
Piseco Piseco Airport
C-177 300531 Plattsburg Plattsburg Airport $7.50
C-178 300601 Plattsburg Plattsburg Airport $6.00
L-086 390826 Plattsburg NYA Seaplane Base $38.00
Plattsburg Plattsburgh International Airport
H-110 350707 Port Jervis Port Jervis Airport $4.50
B-353 290914 Port Washington Sands Point Seaplane Base $3.00
Potsdam Municipal Airport
Damon Field
L-078 390825 Poughkeepsie NYA Seaplane Base $38.00
Poughkeepsie Dutchess County Airport
Quaker Street Knox Airport
Randolph Randolph Airport
A-111 280903 Red Creek Red Creek Airport $12.00
AM-074 650808 Red Hook Stark-Tator Sky Park Airport $9.00
C-421 300816 Rochester Rochester Airport $4.50
C-422 300817 Rochester Rochester Airport $4.50
Z-067 530621 Rochester Rochester County Airport $19.00
AK-075 630908 Rochester Monroe County Airport $6.00
Rochester Greater Rochester International Airport
A-078 280819 Rockville Centre Rockville Centre Airport $7.50
O-071 421107 Rome Army Air Depot $45.00
U-110 480918 Rome Griffiss Airport $26.25
W-201 500830 Rome Oneida County Airport $26.25
X-106 510728 Rome Oneida County Airport $19.00
X-108 510729 Rome Oneida County Airport $19.00
Rome Becks Grove Airport
Round Lake Round Lake Airport & Seaplane Base
Rouses Point Rouses Point Seaplane Base
V-092 490710 Saranac Lake Harrietstown Airport $15.00
Saranac Lake Adirondack Regional Airport
Saratoga Springs Saratoga County Airport
A-031 280601 Schenectady Schenectady Airport 20E6
P-095 431031 Schenectady Schenectady County Airport $12.00
Schenectady Wells Seaplane Base
Schroon Lake Schroon Lake Airport
Schuylerville Garnseys Airport
Scotia Mohawk Valley Airport
Seneca Falls Finger Lakes Regional Airport
Sharon Springs Sharon Airport
Sherman Pratt's Eastern Divide Airport
Shirley Brookhaven Airport
AX-049 750921 Sidney Municipal Airport $6.00
Skaneateles Skaneateles Aero Drome
South Bethlehem South Albany Airport
Southampton Southampton Heliport
L-084 390826 Speculator NYA Seaplane Base $40.00
Spencerport Spencerport Airpark
Staatsburg Airhaven Airport
Stormville Stormville Airport
A-081 280822 Syracuse Syracuse Airport $4.50
A-082 280823 Syracuse Syracuse Airport $4.50
I-074 360919 Syracuse Syracuse Airport $30.00
I-075 360920 Syracuse Syracuse Airport $38.00
U-156 481230 Syracuse Mattydale-Hancock Airport $26.25
V-188 490917 Syracuse Mattydale-Hancock Airport $19.00
V-189 490918 Syracuse Mattydale-Hancock Airport $6.00
AB-085 550825 Syracuse Hancock Air National Guard Base $9.00
Syracuse Syracuse Hancock International Airport
Syracuse Syracuse Suburban Airport
M-143 400915 Ticonderoga Site 22 Airport $6.00
M-144 400915 Ticonderoga NYA Seaplane Base $7.50
Ticonderoga Municipal Airport
R-008 450401 Tonawanda Mutual Aviation Airport $12.00
G-226 341027 Troy Municipal Airport $4.50
Troy Rensselaer County Airport
B-386 290927 Utica Utica Airport $3.00
L-088 390826 Utica NYA Seaplane Base $15.00
W-202 500830 Utica Oneida County Airport $26.25
X-105 510728 Utica Oneida County Airport $9.00
X-107 510729 Utica Oneida County Airport $9.00
Utica Frankfort-Highland Airport
Wallkill Kobelt Airport
AJ-018 620530 Wantagh Nassau County Airport $9.00
Warwick Municipal Airport
Waterloo Airtrek Airport
H-147 350828 Watertown Scherer-Laverty Municipal Airport $38.00
Q-010 440827 Watertown Municipal Airport $53.00
Y-076 520822 Watertown Camp Drum Airport $38.00
Watertown Watertown International Airport
Weedsport Whitfords Airport
AT-024 710620 Wellsville Tarantine Airport $9.00
Wellsville Municipal Airport
AP-037 680505 West Ghent Columbia County Airport $26.25
Westhampton Beach Francis S Gabreski Airport
O-041 420825 West Point Stewart Field $7.50
E-093 320704 Westport Westport Airport $18.75
L-087 390826 Westport NYA Seaplane Base $40.00
R-003 450213 White Plains Westchester County Airport $9.00
Williamson Williamson-Sodus Airport
Wurtsboro Wurtsboro-Sullivan County Airport
M-099 400801 Yonkers NYA Seaplane Base $9.00
N-064 410525 Yonkers NYA Seaplane Base $9.00

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