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Background: Carrying personal mail by state-of-the-art aircraft flown by audacious pilots first linked cities together, then linked countries. The aerodacious significance of air mail and the development of the postal service allowed man's foremost desire to get his written message delivered quickly to the outposts of the world. Progress in transportation was driven by the influence of the mails. Planes and pilots became airlines and air mail became the greatest contribution to commercial aeronautics.

CANADA Air Mail: Canadian First flights are divided into four categories.

1st Category: Pioneer First Flights (Can001-037)
        Those pioneer flights date-stamped by flown mail or by mail-postmark would chronicle the early beginnings of flight. This postal documentation would become the forerunner of air mail. These pioneer flights were either authorized or tacitly recognized by postal authorities.

2nd Category: Semi-Official & Sprecial First Flights (Can050-152)
        The early pioneering air lines issued their own air-use label stamps which were used in addition to regular Canadian postage.

3rd Category: Air Mail Services First Flights (Can200-365)
        Mail sent "Via Air" and carried by designated Canadian Airlines over authorized air routes.

4th Category: Air Stage Service First Flights (Can500-677)
        Mail sent "Via Air" and carried by designated Canadian Airlines between points generally inaccessible or difficult to reach by ordinary means during certain periods of the year or during periods of emergency.

For continuity, all four categories of Canadian First flights will be listed chronologically in date sequence. Specific air mail rates went into effect on August 24, 1928 with the issuance of the first Canadian Air Mail stamp on September 21, 1928.         

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